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The beach was a blast though I was afraid my bikini top would fall off or something because of the waves haha It wasn't that crowded probably because I went there early :) I spent about two hours there just relaxing as today is my day off. Since the beginning of this month (June) I'm on my Self-Determined Six-Six System meaning I work six days a week for the next six months. This means today I am doing whatever I want to do.

The water was nice and warm too and of course I spent alot of time swimming in the ocean.

On the way to the beach as well as on my way back I listened to Kekuhi Kanahele:

Wanna listen to samples of her songs? Go HERE

Wanna purchase her CD? Go HERE

Wanna download some of her music? Go HERE

I LOVE her music and highly suggest that if people want to listen to Hawaiian music... to me she is one of the best who epitomizes Hawaiian music. In fact when I listen to Hawaiian music and the singer is good... I cry. That is how I gauge it LOL Seriously... she is really GOOD so I suggest that people purchase her CD to get a taste of Hawaii through her music. Literally and figuratively.

I've also managed to:

1. Buy a GPS from Costco for about $500 with the coupon for $100 off which ends today (I didn't know it prior to going to Costco.)

2. Groceries from Costco like veggies, chicken, frozen fish, etc for about $114.

3. Took a bubble bath while listening to reggae music

4. Followed by eating shrimp and cocktail sauce while listening to reggae music LOL

Will try to post pics today.

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