For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Another rant after one of my stalkers pointed out my chest

I have a variety of people who read this Livejournal so I'm reposting this for them from elsewhere. Sorry for clogging up your Friends' page if I am doing so but I don't have any filters to date and will have to make one soon regarding indigenous issues but then all of us are indigenous from some place so I really don't know how to filter it LOL Anyway here it is reposted here from elsewhere:

I have so many stalkers mainly because I am on the side of Hawaiians. Some of them are annoyed by it but like I tell people all of the time LOL... I would never associate myself with people who value MONEY over PEOPLE. Here is my latest which epitomizes who I am... again hehe:

AnonyMouse: "Lana,

Da Mouse and your imaginary stalker are not the same person. Put down the drink, pipe, whateva

Further folks here who disagree don't 'hate Hawaiians' they hate YOU and your assine stupid, nosensical, off topic, rants.

And how can someone so seemingly beautiful (at least according to your chesty picture)
on the outside be so ugly and hate filled on the inside...

Anonymous | 05.24.06 - 8:01 am | #""

Me: "Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about but I don't drink nor do I do any drugs. I do however have some Pfizer stock. Yes... I believe in capitalism and in America.

As for the "hating me part"... what has that got to do with the topic? Oh that's right... NOTHING. Argumentatum ad hominem again which shows the weakness of your arguments.

As for my logic... my own cousin who I slammed for being pilau [sic], retired judge Paul DeSilva, commended me on my intelligence AND he told me that because of what I wrote that he will stop writing letters that single out and target Hawaiians. Do you really think that I care what you think of my logic if a retired JUDGE whom I called pilau gave his word to me that he will stop targeting Hawaiians? LOL Seriously dude...

I changed one's person mind in how they treat Hawaiians. That is more than I could EVER ask for.

On the other hand... what have YOU done to make this world a better place to live? And I am not just talking about non-Hawaiians. What have YOU done to help Hawaiians?

Oh let me guess... NOTHING.

As for beautiful... I am not bragging nor boasting since that is not how I was raised... but I am beautiful... internally and externally and I see alot of ugliness in people LIKE YOU. Thus my responses and posts elsewhere. Some people like you are so ugly and/or ACT ugly and are full of hatred.

And just so that people like you know... I do not care how I look though many men pursue me and/or have pursued me. Just like my Hawaiian grandmothers before me but then what the hell does my looks have to do with me trying to help other Hawaiians who are constantly under attack by people like you?

By people who come here to snipe at the Hawaiian Kingdom and thus snipe at the HAWAIIAN PEOPLE

so before you go off on my chest... THINK before you write.

We don't mention other people's looks here now do we? Since I am a woman then my looks are mentioned? Uh PLEASE. That's another Double Standard this time unfairly applied to women.

The thing that bothers you and people like you is that I am on the side of Hawaiians. And proudly too.

I would NEVER want to associate myself with people like you who come here JUST to find reason to keep your portfolio and/or your land while they attack Hawaiians. I will never ever be associated by people like you who seemingly value MONEY over PEOPLE.

I don't care if I have a nice chest or not. It does not matter now does it?

But as usual... a woman's looks are brought into the picture instead of doing what is right instead of allowing the wrong to continue like how people like you do

*rolling eyes again****"

That about covers it :)

Tags: harry the hypocrit, hypocrisy embarrasses america, superficiality embarrasses america

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