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Fan Mail

I received a fan mail from Kalani whom I have known for about six years and who I did not speak with for ONE WHOLE YEAR LOL That is when I went into Hermit Mode. Well this is what he wrote to me and shows how some Hawaiians feel and/or think:

"I like how you said my brother and I are not Hawaiian in the names, face, skin color, etc. But rather it is in the iwi. I tried to remind Micah about that as he too made judgmnt on the Polynesian features, yet he knows he’s fair complected. But these people, they always tend to put a degree on the features. I mean it’s like this.


A is not like C, but B is more closer to C or even A, so that’s ok. Lol And of course if D and E were added, then comparing A to D or A to E, whom may be related but obviously don’t look the same is considered…well rather, A is not considered like an E nor E like an A, but D and E are ok. Lol Kinda like that. It’s like they’ll factor in Hair, nose, complexion, knowledge of Hawaiian culture, surnames, given names, etc. I need to remind myself of that too sometimes.

Oh yeah, another thing Micah said of which I gave him an example of what he kept on referring to as “activists” I think, is that how they are all haole looking and I told him that but the fact is…..many of these mixed Hawaiians have (probably due to their non-oiwi ancestor) managed to move up the social ladder, get better education. And I told him to compare that to those on homestead. That’s a damn good example."

I agree with him about the Haole looking Hawaiians too. I am one of those who look Haole yet like my mother told me... I am the most pro-Hawaiian of all of her kids. Then again she told me that my younger brother is the MOST Hawaiian. Huh? We are the same LOL Anyway... my point was that being Hawaiian is not in the name, face, eye color, nor skin color. Nor is it in the location. Location is irrelevant.

Unfortunately some of these so-called educated younger Hawaiians ack as though they are so educated when they are some of the least educated Hawaiians.

For example... because I live mostly on the East Coast they treat me as though I am not Hawaiian. Some even assume that I am not Hawaiian because I have a Haole first and last name. Where do they learn this bullshit? From their parents and that is why I say... Aue!!!!!

That is why I no like other Hawaiians especially know how I look because I like to see how they treat me. So far some of the younger Hawaiians... damn they pilau! And again... this reflects their pilau parents who have taught them that being Hawaiian is in the name, in the face, in the looks, in how well-known you are, and/or in the location. NO... being Hawaiian is in the IWI. Aue.

What also annoys me about these few younger Hawaiians is how they use the Hawaiian language as a tool against other Hawaiians.

It's one thing to know it... but to use it as a tool to JUDGE Hawaiians. Damn... talk about hurtful to other Hawaiians especially to Hawaiian children coming after them. They judge who don't know as being LESS Hawaiian. What the fuck???? Their parents taught them to be like this. Aue!!!

And again... not all younger Hawaiians are like this but there are a few younger Hawaiians who are pilau. Aue!

Tags: intra-national hawaiian relations, kalani

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