For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

My Sweetie

I miss my sweetie so much. In fact I miss him so much my eyes tear up when I think about him.

Of course Kalani showed this picture to me of a guy. The one second from the right who is supposedly Haole and Hawaiian (like me) and who is from Kauai:

No offense to Kalani nor to the guy... but I like my sweetie cakes LOL

Also Kalani seems to attract 22 year olds. Uh... I LIKE MY SWEETIE CAKES! LOL I know what I want that's why and it's my Sweetie Cakes. Have I mentioned that I miss... and want MY SWEETIE CAKES?!?!?! LOL

Well Kalani and I were discussing younger Hawaiians again. One of the problems is that I don't look like I'm old. Does that make sense? LOL I look about 10 years younger than I am. I even act 10 years younger than I am at times haha That may be why they see me as an equal but I am really about 10 years older than they are! Thus I'm a Hawaiian elder but the source of this is that their parents did not teach them that being a Hawaiian elder is not in the name, face, LOOKS, college degrees, etc and is irrelevant of location. Some younger Hawaiians annoy me with their arrogance and total lack of respect for Hawaiians who are older than they are. Again... not all younger Hawaiians are like this but those few who are... I still like slap them in their face! Figuratively of course.

Anyway one correction of this pic that I posted last week:

The girl on the left, Trina, is Kalani's cousin. Daughter of his aunt, Arlene. Well I didn't know if she was Hawaiian or not but I guess she is. Her father is Hawaiian. Or as we say in the Hawaiian language... her father is oiwi. Therefore she is Hawaiian too. It has been confirmed :)

Tags: hawaiians, how hawaiians act, how hawaiians look, native hawaiians, oiwi
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