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More on Kealii Reichel

I uploaded Kawaipunahele as sung by Kealii Reichel so that people can hear his voice:


It's a song from this CD:

I'll be taking it down by this weekend but I know that some people dunno what I mean when I write about Kealii (pronounced "keh-ah-lee-ee") Reichel LOL

The lyrics and closest English translation is this:

For you Kawaipunahele
My never-fading lei
Never separated,
Firmly united.
Come, let's go back.
O Kawaipunahele.

You stand majestically
In the splendor of Wailuku.
My cherished sweetheart,
My adornment of the night
Come, let's go back.
O Kawaipunahele

Here is Keali`i
Waiting in loneliness
I am lonely,
I hurt
Come, let's go back,
O Kawaipunahele.

Tell of the love,
Of my never-fading lei.
Never separated,
Firmly united
When it's right, we'll go back,
O Kawaipunahele"

It can be seen here:

He is one of the best Hawaiian musicians of my generation and hope that more people listen to him.

To me... he is an epitome of a Hawaiian. One of many.

In fact... I have his CD in my SUV so that I can listen to it when I drive home from the gym hehehe

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