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Liliuokalani Elementary School and One of the Best Teachers in the World, Leroy Bass

Liliuokalani Elementary School is located in Kaimuki between Kaimuki and Kahala. Well when I was a student there some of the teachers told my mom that I must stop speaking pidgin English. I didn't realize it then but pidgin English is one of the best contributions of the immigrants yet these teachers tried to discourage me from utilizing it. I don't hate them for it. I just despite it when teachers DIS-courage instead of ENcourage their students.

Unfortunately most of my teachers tried to discourage me except for Leroy Bass at the Kamehameha Schools:

Oh my goodness. He was the BEST teacher at Kamehameha Schools. He actually inspired me to buy stocks as well as to speak up when I should LOL and when it mattered to me and that I have a voice and that I should USE it.

(A few other excellent teachers of mine include my parents, my kumu hula, my sensei, and the list goes on.)

Well at Liluokalani Elementary School. The teachers there taught me that it's not okay to be who I am. I think that is terrible to teach a child that so of course... I don't like that school which disrespects Queen Liliuokalani who taught me that it's GREAT to be Hawaiian. Here is a pic from the Honolulu Advertiser that to me is so dumb:

"Queen Lili'uokalani Elementary School Principal James Toyooka cheerfully put himself in a sticky situation yesterday: He let the 135 students at his school duct-tape him to a cafeteria wall. Students earned the privilege after meeting Toyooka's challenge to raise $1,000 for a Pennies for Patients coin-collection drive, collecting $1,022 for the third annual event. Sixth-graders raised the most, with $623.28, and earned a pizza party. Kindergartners collected 65 pounds of coins and bills for a total of $146.39. Each student earned a length of duct tape. Parents got involved by paying $1 per length."

I don't like some teachers... especially who teach children to hate a part of who they are and that is one memory that I have about Liliuokalani Elementary School.

Anyway Leroy Bass is the epitome of a good teacher. That is... he did not teach us to hate a part of who we are like how they tried to do to me at Liliuokalani Elementary School. He did more than "raise money." Instead he raised Hawaiian children literally and figuratively which I admire greatly.

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