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Hawaiian Music

Whenever I miss Home I always listen to Hawaiian music. A few of my favorites are the Brothers Cazimero whom I hope to meet one day hopefully before I die:

If and when I do... I will FAINT. That is how much they impress me haha

Another talented oiwi musician is of course Kealii Reichel:

I cannot get enough of his music especially the olelo oiwi ones where he sings in Hawaiian. Here is a sample (hope it works):

And I am a bit of a snob when it comes to some things. Hawaiian music especially. For example I don't like it when some singers mix Hawaiian with English. It hurts my ears when I listen to the two languages together in a song. Well when I wanna listen to Hawaiian music... I listen to Kealii Reichel while I am on the East Coast LOL I LOVE his music. Just love it!

He is another one. I am so impressed with his Hawaiian music... I would faint if I ever saw him and people who know me know that I am not easily impressed haha Seriously... I am in awe of Kealii Reichel and yes I know he mahu but I am still and will always appreciate his music :)

Tags: brothers cazimero, hawaiian music, kealii reichel

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