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The Epitome of Me

This epitomizes my values... though English is not my first language LOL (My first language is actually pidgin English aka Hawaii Creole English which is a synthesis of many languages and unique to Hawaii and what also MAKES me unique.) Anyway this epitomizes me and who I am:

"Again.. that is not entirely true and I despite it when people lie.

In any case the truth since some people like to lie (i.e. JERE LOL)

is that DHHL and OHA are for Hawaiians. I posted this here in March 2006:

"The land that OHA and DHHL are based upon has title that belongs to Hawaiians. I explained it on March 28, 2006 as well as above:

1. Following the Revolutionary War the U.S. government first commissioned a survey for the entire area when they opened an area for settlement. The intent of this Government Survey System aka U.S. System of Rectangular Surveys aka Public Domain Survey was to create a large grid with every square of the grid uniquely identified. Over time they (the U.S. government) commissioned this GSS and is now used to describe property with symbols and with words in a type of shorthand which makes it easy for the government to describe the property.

2. In Hawaii the Mahele was pre-GSS. Some properties such as ceded land which is a misnomer was illegally transferred in the public domain.

3. In acquiring legal title alienation or "the act of transferring ownership, title, or an interest in real property from one person to another" may be voluntary or involuntary:

- Voluntary via deed or will.

- Involuntary by

* descent (when a person dies without a will

* escheat of the state (escheat provides the government normally the state government to take the property of an owner who dies intestate or "without a will" and w/o any known heirs entitled to receive the property

* by adverse possession which is when the true owner of record fails to maintain possession and the property is seized by another; or

* by eminent domain (gives the government the right to take land from an owner though a legal process called condemnation) with due process.

For the latter... Hawaiians were not given due process.

For voluntary alienation... Hawaiians never deeded nor willed said property to another owner.

For involuntary alienation... Hawaiians never died without a will while in possession of said land nor did they die without any known heirs (escheat); nor did Hawaiians fail to maintain possession (adverse possession nor were Hawaiians given due process of law under eminent domain.

There was also no constructive notice with is another tangent.

4. Therefore MANY of the titles in Hawaii are not legal and are null and void."

What I posted above was that the U.S. government and the State of Hawaii LIE to us and/or about us.

We own that land yet they tell us that we own it WHILE they lie to us because we don't own it. What they did was lie and try to make us believe that DHHL are estates of ownership (which legally they should be) but instead they have lied and made it so that the estates are estates of possession.

I'm referring to the legal mumbo jumbo but what surprises me is that there are a few Hawaiians who have served on U.S. courts as judges who ALLOW these lies to continue not only about us but TO US.

I mean... OHA and DHHL are ours (Hawaiians) but to allow this to happen... well not saying anything is JUST as bad if not worse as doing this bad to us Hawaiians.

Just as bad.

That is... just as bad as what Jere and people like him try to do to us.

That is... lie about us and lie to us. I despise lies. It teaches kids to lie too which is just as bad but I digress.

At least some people here (and elsewhere) ARE doing some thing about it. Thank God.

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