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Poi board of Queen Liliuokalani

I don't know how this made it's way to EBay but someone mentioned this elsewhere and it's an auction for Queen Liluokalani's poi board? It's supposedly from a museum which is questionable. Why are they allowing this seller to sell it? Was it attained legally or illegally?

If anyone follows Hawaiian history there have been instances where items of our ancestors were stolen... illegally. For example from Forbes Caves in Hawaii named after the person who stole items from the cave, David Forbes:

Well I looked at this item:

Seen at

I've since sent an email to EBay to tell them that the item may have been stolen just like the items from Forbes Caves were stolen:

Would this be allowed to happen to other people? I highly doubt that people would allow others to disrespect other people like Asians, Jewish people, popolos, etc. Unfortunately we are Hawaiian so we have to fight to protect our culture and/or parts of our culture. This happens far too much yet we don't have a choice. IF ONLY we were respected like how other people are respected which doesn't make much sense to me because this is America... the greatest country in the world yet we still treat some people like indigenous people like Hawaiians worse than dirt which is a sad and bad reflection on the United States.

Anyway I wonder if this is another case like Forbes Caves where the items were obtained illegally??? People have a tendency to steal and/or have stolen things from us and that is why I wonder if this poi board was stolen too?

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