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Oh my gosh

Some people don't know but in addition to being Hawaiian I am also part Portuguese via the Madeira Islands so in addition to being Hawaiian/Chinese/English... I am also Latina. Well I recently discovered that Soraya who is a Latina from New Jersey via Colombia died from complications from breast cancer. She was only 37 years old!!! How sad!

Story at

Another picture of her from:

An excerpt about breast cancer and Hispanic women:

"Fifteen out of every 100,000 Hispanic women are diagnosed with breast cancer. But they are more likely to die from this
disease because it is not diagnosed in time. According to the Komen Foundation’s Hispanic Women and Breast Cancer report, a small 38 percent of Hispanic women age 40 and older in the United States have regular mammograms. Socio-economical, cultural and religious reasons are cited for the lack of examinations. Or the nonchalance attitude: If it doesn’t hurt, why bother? Eventually it will go away. But in the case of breast cancer, it doesn’t go away—it grows and kills."

My paternal grandmother is presently in remission. I think it is her third. She is fighting it every step of the way.

More info about breast cancer:

Early Detection:

  • A lump is detected, which is usually single, firm, and most often painless.
  • A portion of the skin on the breast or underarm swells and has an unusual appearance.
  • Veins on the skin surface become more prominent on one breast.
  • The breast nipple becomes inverted, develops a rash, changes in skin texture, or has a discharge other than breast milk.
  • A depression is found in an area of the breast surface.

  • Women's breasts can develop some degree of lumpiness, but only a small percentage of lumps are malignant.

  • While a history of breast cancer in the family may lead to increased risk, most breast cancers are diagnosed in women with no family history. If you have a family history of breast cancer, this should be discussed with your doctor.


Protect your body and yourselves, ladies :(

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