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More about the Akaka Bill

Once again a non-Hawaiian uses the Akaka Bill as a tool to spread lies about Hawaiians and as a tool to spread hatred against Hawaiians. Essentially the Akaka Bill is being used as a tool for people to be and/or to remain racist against Hawaiians. I can see it because it is very obvious to me. Anyway Here is his letter:


The May 4 editorial "Akaka bill deserves a full and fair debate" is absolutely on the money. Unfortunately, The Honolulu Advertiser believes the debate should take place 5,000 miles away from Hawai'i among 100 U.S. senators who either know nothing of Hawai'i or who owe an obligation to the bill's sponsor, Sen. Dan Akaka, who has paid them already with his vote on issues such as drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in exchange for Alaska's Sen. Ted Stevens co-sponsoring Akaka's bill.

Such an important bill, which no one doubts would change Hawai'i's racial relationships forever and end up costing the state billions of dollars in reparations, should not be debated in Washington, D.C., but in Hawai'i. Even The Advertiser has, in the past, recommended the bill be returned to Hawai'i for further discussion.

Since the bill was introduced six years ago, it has been nearly completely gutted and changed to fit Senate opponents' objections, such as eliminating gambling. But, since 2000, the bill has not been returned to Hawai'i for a "full and fair debate," as now advocated by The Advertiser for the Senate.

Before we go headlong into forming an entirely new government in Hawai'i that would demand all ceded land revenues and more benefits for its citizens, I agree with The Advertiser editorial, "At the very least it deserves a full and fair debate" — in Hawai'i.

Garry P. Smith
'Ewa Beach

Seen here:

Fortunately the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recommended that Congress reject the bill called the Akaka Bill which would SUPPOSEDLY grant federal recognition and self-government rights to Hawaiians.

The truth is that it would only make money for the senators, their friends, their allies, etc.. Fortunately... the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will not stand by and allow some people to use the Akaka Bill as a tool to spread lies about Hawaiians, to spread hatred towards Hawaiians, and to spread racism against Hawaiians.

I do not want the Akaka Bill. Period... and some people are using it as a tool to lie about Hawaiians AND to spread hatred against us Hawaiians.

Mahalo to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights! Hopefully it will not pass.

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