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Sorry... one more

I'm leaving for the Washington DC area tomorrow so I'm posting a picture of my cousin Paul DeSilva who is a retired circuit court judge. I have already asked him if I can repost his picture here and have obtained permission which is important to me since he is my cousin on my Portuguese side. Well he found out that I wanted a picture of him and he was nice to me. He sent one of him and his wife. How cool is that?!?!?!

To other Hawaiians and Hawaiian Nationals:

I ask that you please do not harass him nor make any threats to him nor use this picture in any hewa way, shape, or form. I do not want anyone to bother him so please do not be pilau to him. He is my cousin! He is my flesh and my blood. Not through Wakea and Papa who are the progenitors of the Hawaiian people. Instead through our grandfather Ernesto DaSilva from the Madeira Islands who changed his name to Ernest DeSilva. Well Ernesto is my great grandfather and cousin Paul's grandfather. Again... he is my cousin!

Here he is... my cousin Paul:

Photo property of Paul DeSilva
All rights reserved.

Have to add that in just in case.

Anyway I think he is good looking and intelligent. I hope both are hereditary :) Well he adopted one of his relatives' children and has two or three birth children. (I don't remember how many birth children because I was only four years old when I met cousin Paul and I cannot really remember much plus very few people told me about that side of my family which annoys me to this day. Well I'll have to look it up or... ask my mom LOL) Well I'll write more about that later but that's his picture above.

What really amuses me is that I told him that we did meet... when I was four years old haha I was so young though when I return to Hilo I will HAVE to ask him if I can meet him as an adult because I'm curious about that side of the family. I can still hear my Hilo Grandma tell me not to be niele (or "nosey.") I think I can understand why now though because she didn't tell us some things which I found out after she died. Like how I stated before though... cousin Paul was cool to my Hilo Grandma and showed that he respected her by 1) noticing her obituary in the Hawaii paper and 2) showing up at Malia Puka Okalani Church in Keaukaha which is near Hilo and it bothered me that he seemed to be racist against Hawaiians because she was Hawaiian... and so am I... but I digress as usual heh


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May. 3rd, 2006 05:26 am (UTC)
Off topic question... how much is this adoption costing you? Not to pry, I am just wondering how much they cost nowadays in case I want to adopt. It seems too expensive, which is really lame.
May. 3rd, 2006 05:56 am (UTC)
Oh no problem. He is in the custody of the State of Hawaii and if I wanted to pursue adopting him through Family Court then it would cost me about $10,000 or so for lawyer fees etc but since he is in state custody since he was born with Ice in his system the adoption would not cost me anything. That is partly why I want to adopt him because he is an Ice Baby... or was... and he is Hawaiian which is important to me... the state makes it easier to adopt Ice Babies.

Sad but true but if it's a private adoption... well it would cost me about $15,000 which is a joke. I cannot imagine paying that for any child.
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