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On the small handful of PILAU Hawaiians

One thing with Hawaiians is that there are a small handful of pilau Hawaiians who ack o ka stupid online and/or offline. NO MATTAH. Case in point dis one from Keaukaha of all places where I grew up:

She from Keaukaha too. These are some of her pics which I going send to my family in Keaukaha to see who her family is:

That's one thing with Hawaiians. No ack stupid or else we going to your family and tell them you acking stupid online LOL I going ask my kumu hula too since she has a kumu hula. I going talk like how all Hawaiians do LOL Das why I say... no make shame online because Hawaiians can and WILL talk. Even talk about YOU especially if you ack stupid and/or PILAU haha

Still I don't let these few PILAU Hawaiians stop me from protecting Hawaiian children.

She one of the few Pilau Hawaiians. PILAU!

But not all Hawaiians are like her. The majority of us are NOT nasty like her. That is... not all of us are PILAU.

It also shows how some of our Hawaiian youth disrespect their Hawaiian elders. Sad but true but this is reality. That is... OURS. A few of our Hawaiian youth have PILAU MOUTHS. Their parents and/or grandparents taught them this so it reflects their parents and how they raised their children as in... with PILAU MOUTHS!

Still I will not make the innocent Hawaiians pay for what these PILAU Hawaiians do and/or continue to do. It's difficult but I still won't make the innocent pay for what the few PILAU do.

In this case I think her last name is KEKAHUNA. PILAU! And yes... Hawaiians DO talk. Our history is orally based so within about 24 to 48 hours I expect other Hawaiians to be talking about the Kekahuna Ohana. That is how fast it spreads between and among Hawaiians. That is... WE TALK more than we write but I talk AND WRITE LOL

What also makes me laugh is that Kalani wanted me to tell her that she is acking like one tita which I did not do because I AM a tita so it would be WRONG for me to call her a tita when I AM ONE LOL There is nothing wrong with being a tita and I don't mind if and when people call me dat. However I DO mind when people are PILAU hahaha

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