For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Lilo and My Webcam

Kalani sent an email to me in which he attached a pic of Lilo to it. I do not look anything like Lilo LOL

I am very fair skinned with a small nose. I have long blondish hair:

I look NOTHING like Lilo.

Unfortunately Disney did a disservice to Hawaiians. I mean... I don't know ANY Hawaiian who looks like Lilo *L*

Anyway I like Lilo but they should have tried to portray Hawaiians a little better. You know... like someone who is not necessarily dark because now most Americans will mistakenly think that all Hawaiian girls look like Lilo when we do not look anything like her LOL

Also where did they get the name "Lilo?" I don't know ANY Hawaiian with that name *L* Makes me wonder... what else are they teaching children. Seems as though it's mostly FICTION LOL

As for my webcam I bought one so that I could send pictures to my husby via email. Well I guess the pictures are small. Since they are small pics... he called my webcam STUPID haha In fact I had to ask him to please repeat what he said because I couldn't believe he called my webcam STUPID *L* Well one of my good friends gets nuha when I mention my webcam. It does not correlate with anything. I bought it for my HUSBAND. Geez. No bite my head off LOL

Tags: disney lilo, how hawaiians look, lilo

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