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More about my cousin Paul DeSilva: Email #3

He sent another email and in this one he sent a picture of himself to me which I mentioned before that I was looking for a picture of him because he is a somewhat private person. In fact if one does a search for his name online one cannot find a picture of him *LOL* But like I mentioned before... I did see him at Malia Puka O Kalani Church in Keaukaha, Hawaii so I know how he looks like nowadays though the last time I saw him before that was when I was about four years old haha

I think he was a prosecutor then but I don't remember and once again my mother did it to me again after I asked a question about that side of the family. She deflected my question so I am very happy that cousin Paul wrote to me.

Well this was what he wrote to me on March 27th. I have censored some things since I value privacy and peace of mind:

Hi Cousin,

Now I've put things together a little better. Actually I found your site this morning while looking for more information on Rev. da Silva. Though I had seen it before, I didn't revisit it as I lost the address. Your mother must be ________, or _______ as we always called her. She is one of my favorite cousins. I cannot imagine being prejudiced against her or Aunty ______________ because of race or culture.

Your grandmother was kind to me when I was a young and troubled teenager. Your grandfather, uncle ___________, was absolutely my favorite uncle. He was more humble and kind than most of his siblings, something which I recognized very early in life. Generally, I agree with you about our family attitude although I don't think that my dad, Ernest, fit the mold too well. He was more like___________ [my grandfather]. Maybe I haven't been successful at it, but would rather with be in the company of the humble like my pop and uncle ________________ [my grandfather].

I am attaching a picture of my wife and I. Her name is Edith and we have been married for over 53 years. You can use it as you wish, but remember, she's married to me and I'm glad, but she isn't me.

I was not a federal judge, merely a state circuit court judge. Mahalo for the promotion.

Though our ideas seem to differ vastly, you obviously are an accomplished, intelligent lady, and I wish that someday I will have the chance to meet you. Perhaps our conversations could make us understand that we aren't really too far apart in our values.

I do not dislike or disfavor Hawaiian people, but I do view Hawaiians as no worse nor better than any other race of people. I am not ashamed of my beliefs because I am comfortable with the idea that I am not a racist, at least by what I understand that to be. If some now view me as such, so be it.

As the price of trying to be intellectually honest with myself, I have lost the respect of some of my Hawaiian-American friends. Sometimes I fret over it a bit, but then, that's the best thinking I can apply, and I try to stick to my principles.

You are my cousin, and I love you. The best of luck to you!


He is pretty cool but I have ALWAYS known that since my mom who is his cousin has always told me that ever since I was a little girl. Like I mentioned before... he is/was cool to me... just not to my Hawaiian "brothers" and "sisters" and if and when he not cool with them then he not cool with me since I am Hawaiian too (as well as Portuguese, Chinese, and Haole.)

I'll repost more of the emails but I know him to be a cool person. Smart too but I think that intelligence is genetic on the DeSilva side of my family LOL They were/are intelligent and in my opinion cousin Paul is very smart because one does not attain a position in circuit court without intelligence and hard work. That is why I was surprised at what he was writing about Hawaiians because though he is not Hawaiian by ethnicity he is by nationality plus I am Hawaiian so it was insulting and offensive to me.

Well I do plan to return to Hilo where he lives and yes... I hope to meet him again though I did meet him... when I was about four years old *L* I don't blame him for not remembering me though because my Hilo Grandma taught me not to be maha oi and talk while the adults are speaking. Also... I love Hilo though some people are ruining it but I digress. Which reminds me... cousin Paul resigned as commissioner of the volunteer oversight committee:

I'm also related to OHA trustee Boyd Mossman who is a retired judge but no mattah to me if they were judges or not. I expect my cousins and other relatives NOT to be racist against Hawaiians since I am Hawaiian too. It's not too much to ask for is it? LOL

Anyway when I go Home which differs from HomeHome LOL... I will be flying first class NOT because I think I am a first class Hawaiian. Instead it's because I get really grouchy (LOL) because Hawaii has become grossly polluted especially by people yet some of these people fail to realize that they are much of the cause of the destruction of the Hawaiian Islands. It's the people who create much of the pollution... but I digress.

I dunno if I want to post cousin Paul's picture because Hilo is so small and I dunno if he wants people to bother him. (Yes... I do take after my Hilo Grandpa... as in I would like to think that I am nice... despite not-so-nice people in this world LOL) Well I have asked him for permission though and he gave his permission to me so I may post it later but he has nice dimples if that matters LOL Seriously... so far he does not seem like an intellectual egoist. I said... so far... but then some people have told me that he not like that so it does not surprise me. Well this is a pic of his father who is standing on the far left of this picture and his brother who is my grandfather who is one of the men standing in the back row too:

Anyway I wanna be like him. That is... a semi-hermit though I wanna be a FULL hermit I will be satisfied with being a semi hermit LOL Well it is mainly because of my Hilo Grandpa that I can return to Home and cousin Paul can easily destroy that. I know... quite a stretch but cousin Paul knows MANY people in Hilo. He can easily have someone or some people try to make a criminal out of me. (Yes... I do think about these things *LOL*) But it's true. Cousin Paul CAN destroy me and I'm not saying that he is evil because he's not. I'm just stating that cousin Paul is cool. Like I've stated before... it's his letters to the editors that seemed offensive to me and I will post copies of his later emails which clarifies his manao but it is because of his uncle (my Hilo Grandpa) that I can go back Home. In other words... I cherish my Portuguese ancestry just as much as I cherish my Hawaiian ancestry, my Chinese ancestry, and my Haole (British, English, and American) ancestry. No one... more than the other.

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