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On respecting laws

This preceded my preceding post just as the Nation of Hawaii (1810) precedes the State of Hawaii (1959). In it someone posted some stupid shit that encourages people to violate U.S. laws. Of course I had to repeat myself since he is wrong on so many levels. Here is the long excerpt:

Anonymous Person Who Advocates Violating U.S. Laws:

"See... we DO agree on some things.

And BTW the only ones I see taking. taking, taking are native hawaiians who want special treatment cause their great great great great great grandpappy traveled across the water to these islands. OHA should be abolished and the money given directly to the people.


My long response:

"You're wrong. That is where your argument is invalid. The land that OHA and DHHL are based upon has title that belongs to Hawaiians. I explained it on March 28, 2006 as well as above:

1. Following the Revolutionary War the U.S. government first commissioned a survey for the entire area when they opened an area for settlement. The intent of this Government Survey System aka U.S. System of Rectangular Surveys aka Public Domain Survey was to create a large grid with every square of the grid uniquely identified. Over time they (the U.S. government) commissioned this GSS and is now used to describe property with symbols and with words in a type of shorthand which makes it easy for the government to describe the property.

2. In Hawaii the Mahele was pre-GSS. Some properties such as ceded land which is a misnomer was illegally transferred in the public domain.

3. In acquiring legal title alienation or "the act of transferring ownership, title, or an interest in real property from one person to another" may be voluntary or involuntary:

- Voluntary via deed or will.

- Involuntary by

* descent (when a person dies without a will

* escheat of the state (escheat provides the government normally the state government to take the property of an owner who dies intestate or "without a will" and w/o any known heirs entitled to receive the property

* by adverse possession which is when the true owner of record fails to maintain possession and the property is seized by another; or

* by eminent domain (gives the government the right to take land from an owner though a legal process called condemnation) with due process.

For the latter... Hawaiians were not given due process.

For voluntary alienation... Hawaiians never deeded nor willed said property to another owner.

For involuntary alienation... Hawaiians never died without a will while in possession of said land nor did they die without any known heirs (escheat); nor did Hawaiians fail to maintain possession (adverse possession nor were Hawaiians given due process of law under eminent domain.

There was also no constructive notice with is another tangent.

4. Therefore MANY of the titles in Hawaii are not legal and are null and void.

Thus the problems of the past which has created some of the problems of the present. In addition OHA and DHHL receive lease payments which is a form of due process so NO OHA should never be abolished. To do so would violate state and federal laws and I am American. I will NOT violate ANY LAWS as I respect the laws of the U.S. since I AM AN AMERICAN.

On the other hand, you, Conklin, Krischel, and Twigg-Smith ALL want to violate laws which is morally WRONG."

That is... Conklin, Krischel, and Twigg-Smith are PILAU.

Attorney H. William Burgess is pilau too and should be disbarred for promoting the violation of civil rights of Hawaiians. UNfortunately most Hawaiians do not have attorneys... I have THREE attorneys to defend my civil rights partly because of people like attorney H. William Burgess who pushes to violate my rights as a Hawaiian. They PILAU... or in pidgin... dey pilau das why!!!


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Apr. 21st, 2006 08:53 pm (UTC)
not sure if you caught it, but NPR did a show today on how corporations and business interests lead to the overthrowing of the hawaiian government. I know the histoy personally, but it was cool to hear NPR do a fairly long (for radio) story on it.

It was part of a conversation regarding a new book called "Overthrown", or I think I am close to the title of the book.

*sends ya a pat hug*
Nov. 16th, 2009 06:34 am (UTC)
I just found out about this quack named Kenneth R. Conklin. It's painfully obvious that his is a bigot using his title of Ph.d. as a leveraging point for legitimacy. Interestingly his entire argument is based on the notion of white privilege. he clearly has no idea what it's like to be a minority, what it's like to not have privilege and furthermore he has backing of some very wealthy people of the same ilk. What makes me truly and utterly ill about this is his argument also has the subtext that ALL first nations sovereignty should be removed, that the United Negro College fund is racist, that any government funding of any kind to any minority is "reverse" discrimination and that it should be abolished.

What these people clearly don't understand is that every day is White Straight Male Day in the United States. All straight white men get to celebrate their status and power without ever having to think about it. Ever. I know because I pass as a straight white male and I've seen how people treat me. I've even had racists make comments to me about "those people" (insert race/ethnicity) more than once. Their not just pilau, their hauna too.
Nov. 18th, 2009 04:10 am (UTC)
I just noticed that you responded to this. Normally I don't log in but today I did and am glad that I did.
Nov. 18th, 2009 06:59 am (UTC)
I'm stoked you responded. I find myself becoming more and more disturbed by Conklin. His arrogance, his compulsive dislike of Hawai'ian independence seriously disturbs me. He's a bigot wrapped in a Aloha shirt. This makes me want to vomit.
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