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Here is an excerpt of part of my brain LOL It's in response to Jere Krischel whom I write about in the third person:

"Which proves my second point.

Hawaii is a nation... as well as a state.

The Nation of Hawaii: 1810

The State of Hawaii: 1959

Kingdom laws precede U.S. laws as it pertains to Hawaii.

So while U.S. courts judged the Kamehameha Schools as well as OHA and DHHL... all three are entities of the Nation of Hawaii (i.e. the Hawaiian Kingdom) and they do not fall under U.S. jurisdiction.

The US DOJ noted problems with the Akaka Bill. They already know this and that is why all are pending.

Thanks to the U.S. Department of Justice.

I LOVE America."

Unfortunately they don't teach this material in U.S. schools and that is why so many people are surprised that I write what I write *LOL* But it's true. Minus the typos.


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Apr. 24th, 2006 11:07 pm (UTC)
I love your mana'o especially when it is similar to mine. Just a slight correction, OHA and DHHL are not part of the Kingdom since it is US created: DHHL in 1920 and OHA in 1978. Other than that, you are pololei. Maika'i!

In 1893, the Provisional Government was created and supported by the USA when they belligerently occupied the Hawaiian Kingdom. It did not have the Hawaii citizens support nor recognition. Of those living in Hawaii in 1890, 51% were Hawaii Nationals loyal to the Crown; and 49% were made up of foreigners. Of the 51%, 84.4% were Kanaka Maoli and 15.6% were of foreign origin. Almost all of them signed or supported the Ku'e Petitions which were the overwhelming voice of the Hawaii Nationals.

We know the PG and the Republic of Hawaii was illicit and de facto protected by the US Military. This makes it unlawful and subject to the laws of occupation. Since there were no treaty of annexation, Hawaii was deemed a US territory through a resolution, just a piece of paper that said that's what the US has independently decided despite the protests.

The alleged-State of Hawaii is in the same predicament and unlawful since the voting was done by US Americans and not by Hawaii Nationals. There was no International Committee to observe the process. There was no choice save to remain a US territory or bewcome a state of the union. Other choices were barred from the vote.

Yes, the Kingdom still exists and bona fide descendants are still subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom, a friendly, neutral, independent and sovereign nation recognized internationally through its treaties with over 25 countries throughout the world.

People need to use critical thinking and subscribe to the real facts rather than the emotional smoke and mirrors to promote the hoax and myths. I believe the internal issues of Hawaii is for the Hawaii Nationals to discuss and for the US Americans, the need for them to butt out; since it is not their kuleana, nor their place to disrespect and trash us, our culture, history, heritage, and people.
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