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My cousin Paul DeSilva's Email #2

He sent this one to me on March 27, 2006:


My name is Paul de Silva. I am a retired judge with very strong feelings about racism. I am not anti-Hawaiian, but I am also very loyal to America and to the multiracial Kingdom, a constitutional monarchy, that invited my ancestors to come to Hawaii. I believe in the American constitution and our laws and do not believe that laws should do other than provide racial equality to all of us.

All Hawaiians who are economically, culturally or socially suppressed should be helped as should any other people of any race. If they are suffering more, they should be helped more as well. I do not believe that our history supports the creation of a new sovereignty for any race of Americans.

Kamehameha Schools....I will support any decision the courts make. If they believe that the school does not violate the Civil Rights Act by having a racial admission policy, that will be fine as well.

The Akaka Bill...It is not likely to survive constitutional scrutiny. In my opinion it is also morally wrong and will also not survive court tests of it constitutionality.

I also loved my native Hawaiian aunty ___________ who was warm, sweet and kind. I am most ashamed and angry that more members of our family did not attend her funeral. For that, I apologize.

To my cousin who is ashamed of me...aloha!

Me ke aloha pumehana,

Paul de Silva"

A few things:

1. He does not have Hawaiian ancestry but his grandfather who is my GREAT grandfather was a citizen of the Hawaiian kingdom. My cousin inherited his citizenship through our grandfather and is Hawaiian by nationality as in a citizen of the Hawaiian Kingdom so cousin Paul does have a say though he will probably disagree with me LOL Which leads me to...

2. He is a retired circuit court judge. When I saw him to me he didn't look like a judge meaning he does not walk arrogantly. If that makes any sense.

3. He is a retired judge. Obviously he is smart. Well to me he is because it takes knowledge, hardwork, and intelligence to become a judge ESPECIALLY in the Hawaiian Islands.

4. My mother has always told me that cousin Paul is nice and humble. I know that to be true and that is why I was surprised that he would only write letters to the editors about Hawaiians and only Hawaiians. His letters conflicted with what I thought he stood for.

5. I know for a fact that cousin Paul respected my Hilo Grandma because I saw him with my own eyes at my Hilo Grandma's wake at Malia Puka O Kalani Church. He was one of two people on that side of the family to have shown up. Not only that but cousin Paul was one of only two people on that side of the family to call my Hilo Grandma "Aunty." The rest called her by her first name even though she (my Hilo Grandma) was my Hilo Grandpa's second wife. Calling her "Aunty" is a sign of respect.

6. So yes... I am and was very surprised that my cousin wrote to me on so many levels. One of them being that I wrote that he was pilau but it was because he only wrote about Hawaiians. That was offensive to me since I am Hawaiian too.

This is what I responded with on April 12, 2006 only because I didn't check my email:

"I just read this email. Well in the past I have read your letters to the editor all of which singled out and targeted Hawaiians which was a surprise to me. Years ago... I did not know that I was related to you and it is embarrassing to find out that I am related to someone who seems racist against Hawaiians. I mean... some of your own relatives are Hawaiian. How do you think that makes them feel??? Obviously some of them are shocked. Some of them cannot tell you that some of your words are hurtful. Why? Because you are a retired judge and know many people in the islands. Some of them cannot exercise their freedom of speech so they are not free are they? I just think it's wrong that with your last name, DeSilva, that you could possibly imply that Hawaiians do not have civil rights and that you would like to infringe on their rights and you are a retired judge. It is very surprising to me and I am one of the so-called "educated" Hawaiians.

Even at the Honolulu Advertiser forum you write about the Akaka Bill using it as a tool to belittle Hawaiians. Others do too and again... you are a retired federal judge singling out and targeting Hawaiians. I am not sure if you are aware of that but as a DeSilva... I am shocked. I mean... you were the only DeSilva niece or nephew who called my grandmother "Aunty." You were also the only one who showed up at Malia Puka O Kalani Church in Keaukaha. I will never understand how you can show up in Keaukaha when people know that you are anti-Hawaiian. I don't see the logic in it. I mean... you write/wrote nasty things about Hawaiians. How do you think THEY feel? They are Hawaiian. So am I.

And that's the thing... if and when you criticize Hawaiians, their history, their traditions, etc you are criticizing a part of who I am as well as criticizing a part of my Hilo Grandma, _________, who raised me. I mean... if it wasn't for her then I would not have graduated from college... yet you insult a part of who I am as well as a part who she is. You do not see Hawaiians doing that to Portuguese do you???? Unfortunately you kept/keep targeting Hawaiians and yes... it is embarrassing because I am a DeSilva as well as a Hawaiian too.

Anyway thanks for showing up at my grandma's funeral and thanks for calling her "Aunty."

- Lana"

More later.

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