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More about my cousin Paul DeSilva: The Paul DeSilva Series Part 1 of 7

I'm reposting alot of his emails to me here in response to some of the things that I wrote about him here:

Although he is a retired judge... him being a retired judge does not impress me. Nor does having money. Nor does having a college education. What matters more to me is compassion for those less fortunate, empathy for others, and a bunch of other things LOL Well my mother who is his first cousin has always told me that he is cool but I would always mention "his letters" which seemed offensive to me in that he only mentioned Hawaiians. It's like if I were to only discuss popolo people. Chances are some people would see that I single out and target popolo people and only popolo people.

I always knew that he was nice despite being a retired judge because I know some judges who act as though they are above the law. Of course when they die they will be judged by their God(s) so ultimately they will be judged... but I digress. Anyway what bothered me is his letters to the editor which seemed to have an undertone of racism against Hawaiians. I knew that some of his closest friends are Hawaiian as well as some of his cousins, aunts, and colleagues so I didn't understand how he can be racist against Hawaiians and to me being racist against Hawaiians is being pilau as well as racist against me since I am Hawaiian too.

It also amused me when I kept thinking that only FOOLS argue with a judge... and he is a retired judge. I don't argue with judges though and never have in all three appearances before judges where I was the plaintiff as I have a tendency to sue if and when anyone violates my civil rights... or tries to. Anyway he wrote some emails to me. I didn't know that he wrote to me until about two weeks later. I've checked with him first to see if I can repost these here since I respect people's right to privacy. That is... theirs and would not want other people to butt into my privacy.

This was his first email to me which was sent on March 27, 2006:


It seems that you are my cousin. Are you ____________'s or ____________'s great
granddaughter or grandson? I know you want to be anonymous, so I will
expect that you may not want to respond.

That's fine. I just want to say hi.

Paul de Silva"

The thing is that he mentioned two of my relatives one who was nice and humble and the other who was not-so-nice and not-so-humble which made me laugh because I am a grand-daughter of the nice and humble one LOL My maternal grandfather is one of the men in the back row. He treated my Hilo Grandma like she was a princess and I never met him because he died from the complications of lung cancer before I was born. My older brother is named after him and so is my baby nephew. The baby who I am in the midst of adopting will be called Ikaika _________ after him because he was a cool person:

Cousin Paul's father is Ernest Bowen de Silva the man standing at the top left of the picture. A school in Hilo is named after him. (The DeSilva family and other Portuguese people contributed a lot educationally, socially, religiously, etc to Hawaii. This includes cousin Paul who is a retired circuit court judge though I say "federal" because he worked for the U.S... not for the Hawaiian Kingdom. Cousin Paul also flew helicopters for Operation Green Harvest as well as tried to fight the clique(s) in Hilo which ultimately helps/ed others irrelevant of ethnicity. More about that later but my sister and mother always remind me that he did some good in Hilo which is true. More about that later.)

Well he (cousin Paul) could have also sent a very nasty email to me. I get those once in awhile since I seem to write about topics that make some people feel uncomfortable and/or GUILTY but he respected me enough to write to me despite me not wanting to ever speak nor communicate with him as I mentioned in some older posts. (I refuse to speak to anti-Hawaiians so if someone is anti-Hawaiian I ignore them. My mother knows how I am.)

Anyway he knew that I like to be anonymous as in I don't like it when people ruin my Zen. He also wrote to me. How many retired judges write emails? But this does not surprise me because my mother did tell me that he was nice. He also answered some of my questions and I will repost them later. They're about seven emails so to make it easier I am calling these posts,

"The Paul DeSilva Series" which are composed of seven major emails or "parts."

I'll post Part 2 as soon as I can since I seemed nasty in my posts about him but I am very compassionate to Hawaiians. (Just not to the few clique-ish, high makamaka, selfish, and/or pilau Hawaiians. That is partly why I write in this blog because the few clique-ish, high makamaka, selfish, and/or pilau Hawaiians give a bad name for nice Hawaiians who compose the majority of Hawaiians.) And yes... I am Hawaiian so if and when people write nasty things about Hawaiians and/or LIE about Hawaiians then they are writing nasty things about me and/or LYING about me too.

Anyway I'm going to repost some if not all of his emails here but some things I am editing because I am sure that he no like people know all of his business just as I no like people knowing all of my business LOL On a more personal level... my Hilo Grandma (his aunt) would always tell me to learn about the computer. She would tell me that constantly and while she only went to school til the eighth grade she knew so much more and was not tainted by the Western World. Nor were her thoughts. I know that she was trying to tell me something and one of the reasons may be that one day I would come into contact with her nephew, Paul. I don't really know though but she used to appear in my dreams soon after she died but in my dreams I kept telling her that my mom is okay and that we are okay. One time I dreamt that she was sitting in my mother's livingroom so I had to talk to her in my dreams and ask her to please stop haunting my mother LOL She no longer appears in my dreams but one thing that few people know is that when she was on her death bed she waited for me to fly from the East Coast to Hawaii which took almost 13 hours total. Soon after I arrived... like within four hours... she died. It was after she died that I discovered that she spoke fluent Hawaiian. She like others were taught to be shame to be Hawaiian but to me... why be shame of who you are? No make sense to me but I not shame to be Hawaiian. Why should I be? It's a part of who I am.

Also I have yet to respond to Laakea Suganuma because it's hard for me to respond to pilau and/or to a pilau Hawaiian. How do I respond to pilau???? That is why I ignore or take a super long to respond because how does one respond to PILAU????? Unfortunately some people misinterpret some actions of Hawaiians. For example if we don't respond. Sometimes it's because we choose not to respond to PILAU... NOT because we don't care. Just saying.

* Pilau can mean "Rot, stench, rottenness; to stink; putrid, spoiled, rotten, foul, decomposed" in the Hawaiian language. Note that Hawaiian is not interchangeable with English just as French is not interchangeable with English. They are not the same thing. They do not mean the same thing... nor are they equal.

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