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More about Laakea Suganuma

Someone else wrote this about him:

Laakea Suganuma gives his side of the story regarding the burial items

A link to an interview of La'akea Suganuma who gives his version behind the whole Forbes Artifacts. I can understand his stance and beliefs, but some of the things that he says just annoyed me. Anyway, interesting to hear his side recanting the entire history behind these artifacts. I tried to search the archives of oiwi and my own journal for the PDF files of the reports regarding the artifacts to which it seems La'akea is putting doubts on what they really are. In other words, what was written over a century ago regarding cataloguing the artifacts may not be true, and that the items are not items commonly used in burials. In any case, why is it in issue to rebury them? Why can't they leave it be? In his interview he mentions how it's not customary, that it is the "kuleana" of the 'ohana. That's like the entire village being related to the chief and having each and every person decides how the chief should be buried. He also mentions the iwi versus the artifacts, that Hui Malama is a "business", and other subliminal-passive self-glorifying statements.

The interview is 72 minutes or so, but well worth the listen."

I showed him this link: after Suganuma wrote to me telling me that it has never been about the iwi.
I guess he noticed the self-glorifying statements too because being Hawaiian... it is all about the iwi. Which of course infuriated me when Suganuma wrote that to me to tell me that it has never been about the iwi. He pilau! "He" in Hawaiian... not in English for the iwi is what defines us as being Hawaiian is not in the name, face, location, etc. It's in the iwi or "bones." That is OURS... as in plural not egocentrically like how he seems to think.

The girl interviewing him annoyed me as well. I mean... it's one thing to have a podcast but don't just agree. ASK QUESTIONS. That is how the truth is discovered... not by laughing like a stupid head every time someone says some thing. What bothered me most was that Suganuma criticized Eddie Ayau saying that Hui Malama is a business and to me that was pilau because that said can be said about Suganuma too. He's turning the whole debacle into what? A business because people do not sue for their health. Instead they sue for money and I know this because I am presently suing someone in civil court for what? Money. So is Suganuma who is suing Bishop Musuem and Hui Malama. Does he honestly think that we don't notice these things? No.. instead they lie and I hate it when people LIE TO ME.

Of course this stems from my childhood. Some pilau Hawaiians did very little to protect Hawaiian children and/or the iwi. Instead they only think about themselves and I am not referring to all Hawaiians because there are many self-LESS Hawaiians. Instead I am referring to the few pilau Hawaiians. They know who they are because after all... they pilau!

And that's why I have yet to respond to Suganuma's email to me because what can I say to some pilau?

How do I respond to PILAU?

Please... tell me LOL

And yes I know that Hawaiians talk. Eventually Suganuma will find out what I wrote about him. Hawaiians are not dumb. However we are tainted by these selfish Hawaiians who only care about themselves. They couldn't care less what damage they do/have done and/or how it affects Hawaiian children. Noooooo. They only care about themselves and that makes me sad. However I have no control over what they do. All I can do is write about it. More importantly do we care about Hawaiian children as much as we claim that we do? So far... it doesn't seem as though we do.

On my way to Virginia to visit my nieces and baby nephew... who happen to be Hawaiian too. Two of whom are certified brains... in gifted and talented schools. I hope they represent Hawaiians well. I also hope that one day they help those less fortunate including but not limited to Hawaiians.

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