For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Oh my gosh again... Cousin Paul DeSilva wrote to me.

I don't know if it is really cousin Paul DeSilva but someone with a email address wrote to me on March 29, 2006 telling me he is Cousin Paul. (Oh... I guess it IS him.) See... I knew he would find out that I wrote about him. Why? Because he is a very smart man though he seems very racist against Hawaiians. I still don't understand why he is like that nor do I expect to ever understand but our grandfather was a GREAT man. He was compassionate das why he was great TO ME:

Compassionate to Hawaiians.
Compassionate to Chinese.
Compassionate to Japanese.
Compassionate to Filipinos.

The list goes on and he was Portuguese.

I do not wish to repost his alleged email simply because no matter how much I despise him for being racist against Hawaiians who are my brothers and sisters since I am Hawaiian too... I still won't make the innocent pay for what the guilty have done meaning he is a retired judge yet he makes the innocent Hawaiians pay for what the guilty have done.

I'm one of the good Desilvas. I don't know if he is and he's older than me. Old enough to be my father (71 or 72?) yet he acts as though it is okay to single out and target Hawaiians and only Hawaiians which he seems to do. I think it is WRONG to do so (singling out and targeting out any group of people based on their race, religion, and/or national origin!!) but I still won't repost his email here because again... I am a GOOD DeSilva... who was born with a Haole first name and a Chinese last name, now with a Haole last name... and am Hawaiian too *LOL*

Seriously... I was raised by my Hilo Grandma. He was the only one of her nieces and nephews who called her "Aunty." I would like to believe that she raised me well.... despite her having "only" an eighth-grade education but she raised me. She was the one who taught us to eat Hawaiian food like ake, aku palu, weke, and poi just to name a few. If it wasn't for her... I would be REALLY Haole LOL For that... I respect her and what she taught me. It's unfortunate that her own nephew acts like that to Hawaiians because she was Hawaiian too. So am I... so if and when he is racist against other Hawaiians he is racist against me TOO. Maopopo??!?!?!

Oh I guess there was more than one email. That's what I get for not checking my GMail email.

Also he sent a picture of him and his wife to me. I still will not post it for all to see. Why? Because I AM A DESILVA. The good kind... not the pilau kind and yes I am Hawaiian too (as well as Chinese, Portuguese, and Haole) with a Haole first and last name *LOL*

My hand hurts from responding. I don't usually respond to emails though but my grandfather was nice to him because my grandpa and I are NICE LOL Actually... I never met my grandfather because he died before I was born but I am still a NICE DeSilva irrelevant if I met my grandpa... or not lol

Also he isn't a retired FEDERAL judge. He is a retired circuit court judge:,~state,~municipal/106/7/Hilo,HI/41161.html?PHPSESSID=9284d8753d5b10f53390211104f80585

I mean "federal" in the sense that as a judge he worked for the U.S., federal government as a circuit court judge. He was/is not a retired FEDERAL judge because he did not sit on the U.S. Court of Appeals, U.S. District Court, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, nor U.S. Supreme Court:

Instead the State of Hawaii is a part of the U.S. He gets a pension from the federal government too so to ME he is a retired federal judge because he worked for the U.S. government via the State of Hawaii which is part of the U.S., federal government.

Anyway he cousin Paul wrote about my grandparents which makes me sad so I'm gonna be driving around Washington DC thinking about my Hilo Grandma now who raised me then died on King Kamehameha Day of ALL days.

I may repost some of what cousin Paul wrote to me and/or MAY post excerpts. It depends.

I'll also be thinking about my sweetie pie who told me about a trip to find out that I am not invited :O I am pretty sure that he will make it up to me? If not... I will ignore him LOL

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