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Jere Krischel is at it again with his illogical, contradictory self

Since Google bots tickle my blog, I am reposting this material here:

Jere the Anti-Hawaiian:

"Mau's a great guy. Amazing what a haole did for the kanaka maoli culture, in spite of the exclusivity demanded by his own home culture. One can only hope we all learn from his example."

Lana the pro-Hawaiian, pro-American LOL:

"What exclusivity is Jere Krischel referring to as my great great HAOLE [sic] grandfather had sex with my great great Hawaiian grandmother. Exclusive? What a lie perpetuated by these doofuses."

I am pretty blunt but then many people appreciate my bluntness. It's probably because my honesty is to the point and I do not hold any punches. In any case... I also enjoy making people laugh... irrelevant of race, religion, color, national origin... the list goes on.

Then Kalani continues:



Funny how you'd use this as an example in your propaganda while your co-hort used this example for another reason.

But now you are showing your ignorance. What you don't understand (typical Haole mentality) is that knowledge from any group or culture is not (contrary to what you want to believe) for everyone. I believe we have gone down this path before. Not every kahuna would share their knowledge so openly due to protocols. The same goes for genealogists of ancient days. That's all I'll say before you try to twist my words to do what you just did with Mau.

You also habitually contradict yourself. You are now thanking Mau for CONTRIBUTING to the culture of which you so openly like to tear down and marginalize. Now we understand why things happened to you, which is why I never cared to express my feelings to you."

That was well said.

Meanwhile Jere Krischel is oh-so-very racist and I will continue to write about him since Google bots pick up his name. That is one good thing about the Haole culture. That is... GOOGLE can really rock and the Internet enables Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians to have a voice albeit online. Specifically for Hawaiians... it enables us to expose how people like Jere Krischel are racist against Hawaiians which is pretty cool because if it was not for the Haole world we would not have this opportunity.

Edit: I've decided to split two Livejournals so that I don't drown other people's "Friends List" pages with Hawaiian issues here at Livejournal.

I am writing about Hawaiian issues more in koumanao which is for ko u mana o which can mean "My Thoughts." I'll still maintain this one though but this way I won't rudely ruin other people's Friends List.

Thus resolves to koumanao.

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