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Anti-Hawaiian Earl Arakaki of Ewa Beach, Oahu

In this letter to the editor it was rather SNEAKY and SLY of Earl Arakaki of Ewa Beach, Oahu. I am sure that it's not an edit by the paper's editorial staff. Why? Because Earl Arakaki is a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit challenging the legality of OHA and other Hawaiians-only programs. This is how he looks:

From a public source:

He along with the other plaintiffs are lolo and ignorant as well as disrespectful to Hawaiians. Why? Because Hawaiians are beneficiaries of some programs through the Admissions Act which is a federal public trust and is mandated by FEDERAL LAW:

So his letter that was published today is no surprise to me especially his last sentence in the first paragraph, specifically this part "the majority of Hawaii residents, including Hawaiians, oppose the formation of a native Hawaiian government" is deceiving and SLY.

As a Hawaiian I oppose the formation of a native Hawaiian government by the U.S. government. I do NOT oppose the formation of a native Hawaiian government. Once again the Akaka Bill is being used by these racist, hateful people to spread LIES about Hawaiians and I AM HAWAIIAN TOO so when they lie about Hawaiians they are lying about ME too. (His picture will be posted at because he is anti-Hawaiian.) Anyway here is his letter:

Isle residents should vote on Akaka Bill

A big mahalo to Sens. Sam Slom and Gordon Trimble for submitting bills that would permit a vote by the people of Hawaii concerning the Akaka Bill (Star-Bulletin, March 17). In spite of the comments made by Micah Kane, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands director, and Clyde Namuo, Office of Hawaiian Affairs administrator, the majority of Hawaii residents, including Hawaiians, oppose the formation of a native Hawaiian government.

Like Kane and Namuo, most of the bill's support comes from the administrators and attorneys who will continue to benefit from the victimization of Hawaiians. Why shouldn't the people of Hawaii be allowed to have their say before a bill is voted on by 100 senators from 50 states in Washington, D.C., who have no idea how we live? What are the purveyors of victimhood afraid of?

Earl Arakaki
Ewa Beach

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