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The racist ignorant person in Hawaii struck again

The crazy ignorant dude struck again. This time I am putting my words in red as in "STOP the ignorance," "STOP lying about Hawaiians, " and "STOP being racist against Hawaiians." Since I am Haole, Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese I would do the same for all of the aforementioned. Unfortunately there are only about 401, 062 Hawaiians left in this world and it seems like we are attacked more than ever by people like this racist ignorant dude:

Ignorant Dude: "But to be fair you r right they aren't necessarily Hawaiian- just low life locals who think the law does not apply to them and they can throw their junk anywhere, allow there houses and property to fall into disrepair, live at public beaches and that homelessness and living off welfair is a lifestyle choice."

Me: "Yeah... no blame it all on the Hawaiians. There are immigrants who move to the islands who contribute to the destruction. They also tend to get welfare as in free medical and housing compared to others so don't take it out on the Hawaiians who have a legal right and are beneficiaries of some programs through the Admissions Act which is a federal public trust by the way:

as in mandated by federal law.

As for those people who pollute... why not take it up with the local government to crack down on it? Instead of bitching about it here?"

Ignorant Person: "Is it any wonder why everyone is against both the Akaka bill AND
allowing 'natives' with one drop of some imaginary blood percentage set up a racial government because of a revolution, not an overthrow, that their great, great, great kapuna lost?"

Me: "Not everyone is against the Akaka Bill and against obeying laws. And it's K-U-P-U-N-A. "Kapuna" can be "Land section, road, stream, and spring, Kaunakakai qd., Molokai. Lit., the spring" in English. It's KUPUNA. At least learn how to say it correctly before bitching about it."

Ignorant Person: "I wonder if Hawaiian or Aloha Airlines... you know the ones who are fighting compeition like other new local airlines and the new super ferry ships- are doing anything for the Hawaiian people? How about free interisland airfair for documented native hawaiian kapuna 70 and older?"

Me: "Hawaiian Airlines hires alot of Hawaiians. They are not racist against Hawaiians. As for these freebies... they are not freebies from the government. That is a misnomer. Instead these are legally mandated albeit FEDERALLY

Like Kaonohi said... if you don't like it then LEAVE. It's as simple as that.

Tags: akaka bill, epitome of ignorance, people who lie about hawaiians, racism against hawaiians, stereotypes about hawaiians

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