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The Few Rude People in Hawaii And How to Say "Butt" or "Ass" in Hawaiian

One thing that annoys me since I am American by nationality (as well as Hawaiian by nationality) is that a few Americans in Hawaii are embarrassing with their stereotypes about Hawaiians which is a symptom of racism against Hawaiians. Here is an example with my response below LOL

Crazy Person:

There is no 'Host Culture' except the USA!

Ever notice that the so-called Hawaiian protectors of the 'aina treat the land like crap? It's true. Go out to the Leeward side or 'Nalo or up Waiahole side on Oahu or on Maui in some areas or any other enclave of the host culture and in general here is what you will see:

-garages overflowing with ancient junk ranging from toxic chemicals to flammable substances to cockroach infested paper and cardboard

-dead batteries all over the chain link yard and weeds and grass out of control

-usually one or more broke down cars or car hulks partially covered with weeds

-beaches with complete homeless villages, and they are as crappy and filled with junk as the houses (Sure seems likes the so-called host culture cannot take care of its own people--what's all that bullshit about 'ohana?)

-diapers in the bushes along the shoreline and empty paper wrappers from fast food places blowing in the wind

-filthy public restrooms, torn apart with broken facilities and plumbing

-giant trucks and pit bulls and bad attitude, dangerous nights filled with drugs and alcohol everywhere

-trees killed by charcoal dumping at the base and public amentities like benches and tables destroyed by vandals

That's what you will see. I guarantee it.
It isn't 'cultural' its laziness and sloven livin. Totally opposite of what you will see in a haole neighborhood or one where there's mostly asian residents. This is just a plain fact and all you need do is open your eyes and look.

Why the difference? I think it's the entitlement mentality - sucking at the USA welfare tit. The attitude that somebody, somewhere, a long time ago "stole" the 'aina from Hawaiians and therefore they need not be responsible for their actions. It's really pissing and moaning that's keeping the host culture down. Where are the leaders of this community? Yeah I know, wearing red shirts, screaming onipa'a and thinking they will lead a sovereign nation someday. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Especially when they cannot even lead their people to a clean, safe neighborhood and take care of what they have now.

These people need to straighten up and because Hawaii is getting bad reputation as a visitor destination and tourism will go down and that will hurt everyone's pocketbook. It may be that the true Hawaiian host culture is really not worth saving. Perhaps we should do what others have done with backward aboriginal cultures that cannot make the grade in the 21st century: simply keep the best pieces of it immortalized in our books, music, hotels, attractions, theme parks and museums while letting the ugly reality fade away.

Anyway, an umbrella in a tropical drink is far more pleasant than a 12 volt in a field of weeds or a pile of rocks.

If THAT's the new Hawaiian nation I want nothing to do with it nor would any sane person.

My response:

How do you know these people who pollute are Hawaiian?

Did you ask them?

There is PEOPLE pollution in Hawaii which includes but is not limited to Hawaiians. Others pollute too but no... dey gotta blame Hawaiians. No blame Hawaiians. Other people contribute to PEOPLE pollution too lol

Seriously... did this dude ASK these people if they are Hawaiian? No... he pulled it out of his elemu (pronounced "eh-leh-moo" which can mean "butt" or "ass" in the Hawaiian language.)

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