For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Men and Strip Clubs.. but I'm Married So It Doesn't Matter LOL

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a man but when I had a discussion with someone they don't seem to comprehend it when I say, "Men who go to strip clubs turn me off." I am NOT a man LOL Well we were discussing men who go to strip clubs. Okay... first of all I am married and have been for a long time. I chose my husband and the other men in my life partly because they did not go to strip clubs. I know that some men will get upset at me for some odd reason LOL because they think that I am judging them. NO. It is about what I like and about what I DON'T like.

For example, I like masculine guys. Preferably with nice eyes. Wearing Dockers is a plus. (Yes... it's very conservative but I love it when my sweetie wears Dockers LOL) I like intelligence. Preferably someone who takes care of their mind and their body. A good sense of humor is a plus. What I do NOT like is men who go to strip clubs.

One of my friends told me that I go to strip clubs so I must turn myself off. Uh no... I AM NOT A MAN LOL

Also if the man has children I see it as a violation of the child albeit financially if and when a man gives a total stranger their money over giving it to their child or children. That is unattractive to me.

It is the rare man whom I want. Like my husband and all of the men I have ever been with. I know what I like... and I know what I DON'T like. As usual these men try to change my mind. Little do they know that they can't LOL Men who go to strip clubs are unattractive to me. Period. Then again I am married so it doesn't matter does it? *LOL*

Edit: I expect men to respect their loved ones. That is why I think and feel this way.

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