For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

More on Jere Krischel the Racist Anti-Hawaiian

I am not the only one who sees how racist and hateful Jere Krischel is towards Hawaiians. Kalani wrote this today:

He 'anai hou no Jere Krischel

That Jere Krischel is so annoying! Racist son-of-a-bitch! Sometimes I wish curses happen at will at not at "its" own time. Jere is on a mission. He hates Hawaiians so much that he tries to paint a picture of Hawaiians being racists by using Hawaiian ethnicity as the driving force of independence. What a fucking idiot. He easily likes to twist things and turn it from one topic into another one. An anonymous poster and said this regarding Hawaiian independence:

Visitor: Our American democracy a.k.a. The Empire doesn't want to return control of your island nation to you without a fight.

This is what that idiot Jere responded with: I guess the problem, visitor, is when you assert that the island nation only belongs to a specific ethnic group. The islands of Hawaii, and the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the Republic of Hawaii, belonged to all the people there, not just one specific ethnicity.

The American democracy has already granted the people of Hawaii universal suffrage - if you wish to vie for independence on that basis, you may have a moral leg to stand on.

The anonymous poster said nothing about ethnicity. He's such a stupid head! And his whole family will be affected by his stupidity.

Edited to delete cussing LOL but it shows how I am not the only one who sees Jere Krischel for who he is. That is, someone just like Kenneth Conklin PhD as in HATEFUL of Hawaiians. He only discusses Hawaiians then subsequently attacks only Hawaiians. He pilau!

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