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Violence against women

Derek K. recently wrote his manao about violence against women. Unfortunately I cannot post a link to it since some men stalk me. Online and offline but Derek K. wrote a poignant piece about violence against women.

As a woman I have seen it. As a child I experienced it. I may have written about it but when I was six years old I was "accidentally" hit by a car driven by a man. That was my first taste of violence against a child as well as violence against a female. I was that female so I have known its existence at a very young age. If you look closely you can see my full body cast in this picture that my mother took of me when I was six years old:

Recently someone who is anti-Hawaiian and anti-sovereignty wrote things about me which show this violence against women. (Location is irrelevant.) It was caused because though I am not the first Hawaiian nor the only Hawaiian who knows this I made Kenneth Conklin PhD's lies known to all here:

Elsewhere too.

Now this person whom I think is male has been stalking my Livejournal. I have received about 1000 hits this week as well as 1000 hits last week. More importantly I have noticed how violence these men are. Towards women.

Here is an excerpt where the guy attacks my body. Remember this is JUST an excerpt:

Anonymous Person: "besides the fat a$$ she always brags about spending an hour or two every day trying to fix"

How does a woman respond to an attack on her BODY? I could not say much due to the violent undertone. This is what I said though what does a woman say when her body is attacked?:

Me: As for this personal insult... please refrain from argumentatum ad hominem. It makes your argument weaker than it already is.

However let's just say that cousin Paul already knows the reputation of some of his female relatives such as myself when it comes to men LOL

We attract MANY men: Haole, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, German... etc and cousin Paul already knows this as his uncle married my grandmother so please refrain from being bitter and angry

I can't help it if Paul DeSilva is one of my cousins and that I revealed one of Kenneth Conklin PhD's many lies. An apology from Kenneth Conklin PhD is still in order.

Here is another excerpt where they bring up sex when sex has NOTHING to do with what I am talking about:

Anonymous Person: Why does your web site have S&M pictures as icons?)"

Me: What has my S&M icons have to do with the Hawaiian Kingdom? Oh that's right... nothing.

In any case it does not surprise me that this man or men attack me as a woman. These people are cowards and to me only cowards attack women online or offline. Location is irrelevant. In this case they attack me as a woman because I was the one who revealed that Kenneth Conklin PhD lied. As a woman I am shocked yet I'm not surprised that violence against women continues because it does. I'm not naive.

I fully expect these few men to react this way. That is... violent against women. And this does not affect just Hawaiian women such as myself because we are ALL connected some way. If these men are violent towards me then chances are these men will also be violent against your mother, sister, aunt, niece... the list goes on. It affects all of us... not just me.

Anyway I am fortunate that my cop friend is a top cop and teaches other cops. I can call him at a moments notice and he will protect me or have his cop friends protect me. I'll have to tell him tomorrow that some people are stalking me just in case because again... location is irrelevant. Not all females are this fortunate either where they can call a law enforcement officer to protect them asap... so I still worry about other females.

And I'm not referring solely to physical violence. Instead... I am also referring to emotional and verbal violence.

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