For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

I am my own Private Eye

I did a search for my attorney's house and found his address along with the tax assessed value within a matter of minutes. I'm gonna fax the information about the defendant to him. I won't rewrite it on another piece of paper though... I will just fax the report to him. That way he will know that I probably did a search on him too lol Which of course is what I ended up doing lol

I was actually doing a search for the defendant's present location. I found it within a matter of minutes. I'm having him served again and again and again. That is why. I bet he doesn't know that I found out where he moved to though it does not surprise me because he always insulted my intelligence which was his first mistake. What annoys me is that my attorney should be doing this (finding out the defendant's latest known address)... not me lol And he kept asking me how to find out the defendant's latest address. I mean... LOOK for it like how I did duh lol

Seriously... it is all about taking a stand. Now the dude will think twice. Perhaps three times. Or four times. I am not the only female out there. I would like to think that stopping one man from this behavior makes this world a better place to live. I will see. That is why I view the world as being connected and that we are connected in some way. That is partly why I am suing the guy LOL Because I am connected to other females since I am female too.

Anyway I also did a search for my cousin Paul De Silva (grrrrrr!!!!) and his information shows up too. That is another good thing about America. There is nowhere for the snakes to hide lol

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