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On Walter Ritte again

I am not surprised that the local paper had a very small blurb about him but at least they showed a pic of him. That's one of my pet peeves is when they do not show Hawaiians as human beans. I mean as human beings. Also they do not show many pictures of us which annoys me some times so in this example... I am glad that at the very least... they showed a pic of him because it humanizes us but then we are human so it is somewhat redundant though some people do try to de-humanize us but I digress. Here is the article in today's paper about Walter Ritte who is RIGHT ON while a part of the University of Hawaii is PILAU to Hawaiians and to our culture:

Hawaiian activist Walter Ritte led yesterday's protest against University of Hawaii patenting of taro varieties.

In protest of taro patents: Demonstrators contest UH-Manoa rights to three taro varieties

Photos by Cindy Ellen Russell

A crowd of a few hundred people convened yesterday at Bachman Hall on the University of Hawaii-Manoa campus to protest UH patents on taro plants.

Hawaiian charter school students performed a hula and built a stone altar, or na mamo o haloa, during the protest. Taro, or kalo, is considered sacred by Hawaiians.

Protesters also presented a letter to UH-Manoa Chancellor Denise Konan requesting that the university relinquish the patents on three varieties of Hawaiian taro plants. A university official has said it would be up to the scientists who own the patents to revoke them.

Hawaiian activist Walter Ritte led yesterday's protest.

From http://starbulletin.com/print/2005.php?fr=/2006/03/03/news/story08.html

Come to think of it... food is sacred to every one in some way. Which reminds me... I am trying to find a recipe for this awesome Vietnamese soup that they serve at Hale Vietnam in Kaimuki. I loved that soup. Still looking for a recipe. If ever in Kaimuki on Oahu... I strongly urge people to check out Hale Vietnam:


My mother introduced me to that restaurant.


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Mar. 4th, 2006 03:05 pm (UTC)
I can not understand why anyone whould patent food. This is just an alien concept to me. And, I think this should also be an alien concept to the so-called "West", but people continue to try to do it? I can understand a recipie, but the products used to make it? This is wrong on too many levels. UH is idiotic on this.
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