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Na na i ke kumu or "look to the source"

I really respect this person "Hookano" but I do not respect the Office of Hawaiian Affairs since they disrespect the Hawaiian people by not improving the betterment of the Hawaiian people as they are mandated by law to do. In any case here are excerpts which show my stance about OHA and about the Native Hawaiian Coalition which has no material that shows who is behind it which is a HUGE red flag to me yet is hosting a meeting at UH:

Me: "But there is not much known about the Native Hawaiian Coalition. How does one expect Hawaiians to trust an unknown organization????

hookano: Lana, participate!

Me: But who behind dat? I dunno who is behind it. Plus they not saying who is behind it. It could be OHA again and I not registered with OHA nor do I plan to ever be registered with them. Anyone know who is behind the group? Anyone know who is IN the group? LOL

Could be the Danner sisters for all I know. Anyone know? Seriously. They have this agenda

(posted their agenda)

but nothing about the people. Secrets and lies are used to control people. Why keep the identity and/or identities of the people hidden? Thus my concern.... WHY the secrecy?

To clarify too... OHA has some thing to do with it:

which is an immediate red flag to me

where OHA
~= State of Hawaii and not true Hawaiian wishes.

Nana i ke kumu looking to the source and it looks like OHA is the source or A source noting

"The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has been the source of funding for the Coalition" (page 2 of 3)

Can anyone PROVE to me that OHA is not behind the Native Hawaiian Coalition? I didn't think so because they are yet they are hiding it using secrets and lies and secrets and lies are used to control people. In this case... used to control Hawaiians but NO... it doesn't work with me.

IF it was Bumpy Kanahele and/or Keanu Sai were/was then I trust them. However I do NOT trust OHA. That includes my cousin Boyd Mossman who is a trustee of OHA. I do not trust him nor do I trust OHA. Period. End of story.

Unbeknownst to some people... this picture can no longer be found in other media:

AP Photo/Lucy Pemoni

I even contacted the photographer and she did not respond to my email. What is up with that anyway??? Fortunately I saved it and now it can still be seen :-)

Tags: native hawaiian coalition, office of hawaiian affairs, oha

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