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For my family and friends ™

More on my cousin former federal judge Paul DeSilva (he pilau)

It does not surprise me that my cousin former federal judge Paul DeSilva is seething but damn... I am a DeSilva too and to this day... I think he is in his 70s?... well to this day he spews of hatred for the Hawaiian people. Here is another example and as usual he is such a coward that he uses "Polo" instead of PAUL DESILVA:

Does anyone know of any studies of how the Hawaiian population will become more diluted with other races in the future? In a hundred years, what will be the koko distribution by percent. If there becomes an Akakaland or continuing racial admission policies at Kam in 3006, what percenters will be the norm?

Since Hawaiian people will continue the betterment of society by marrying many other races as they have so generously done in the past, the continuing dimunition of blood quantum is a given. The more we mix, the better it will be, and a lot of this racial talk will cease, nor should there be a mountain of free things for only people who are distinguished with a whiff of native blood.

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He wrote this in the Honolulu Advertiser in January 2002:

"Princess didn't specify Hawaiian-only rule

It is now well known that there is nothing in Bernice Bishop's will that limits admission to Kamehameha Schools to persons with Hawaiian blood.

Since the estate now makes such an enormous amount of income, perhaps the trustees will either admit past error and eliminate race as a qualifying admission criterion or explain the logic of applying a racial standard to admissions when the will does not.

It seems that if the princess had so intended, she would certainly have specified that Hawaiian blood was required.

Paul de Silva


Yet it is in her will:

"to devote a portion of each years income to the support and education of orphans, and others in indigent circumstances, giving the preference to Hawaiians of pure or part aboriginal blood; the proportion in which said annual income is to be divided among the various objects above mentioned to be determined solely by my said trustees they to have full discretion"


That's why my cousin Paul is PILAU. He is not Hawaiian though he and I share the same Portuguese grandfather, Ernesto, but Paul... he pilau!

Only recently have I started to tell people that I am related to that anti-Hawaiian and I know that he is aware that I am aware that he is racist against Hawaiians LOL In any case he is really embarrasing our grandfather Ernesto who believed in equality for all. Unfortunately my cousin Paul fell far far far away from the tree but not all DeSilva's are like that. That is... they are not pilau like him.

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