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This is a repost of something that I posted elsewhere. In it "Kaonohi" noticed what I had written. Here is his or her response followed by mine:

Kaonohi: "Kakou versus makou, maybe?

Me: Kaonihi...

See how smart Hawaiians are LOL Yeah... I know that people like Ken Conklin and Jere Krischel ask us questions... or read about us then use what they learn from us to bash us in our head so to speak. When some of us asks questions... they do not answer.

Anyway I am very vague and sometimes am indirect but yeah you noticed that... and I am not surprised

Oops. Nihi is "steathily"....

Some people do not realize how some people bash Hawaiians after they cultivate information about us and/or FROM US... just to bash us in our head. Anyway I had to state this because Kaonohi seems very respectful. If s/he was not then I would not have responded like how I do not respond to Jere Krischel LOL Why? Because Jere Krischel disrespects my kupuna so of course... I no respond to him. Instead I speak of him in the third person and he deserves it. Then again I do not even speak to my cousin anti-Hawaiian Paul DeSilva and he is a retired federal judge. Do you think that I care that he was a judge? NO. He does not respect the Hawaiian people so yes... I do ignore him and ignored him when he showed up at Malia Puka O Kalani Church in Keaukaha. Why? Because he disrespects the Hawaiian people.

Anyway that is why if some people notice... I am not specific when it comes to Hawaiian issues especially Hawaiian history. There are two olelo noeau thats's why that teach us to be careful with our words:

"I ka 'olelo no ke ola, i ka 'olelo no ka make."

"Life is in speech; death is in speech."

Aia ke ola i ka waha, aia ka make i ka waha."

"Life is in the mouth, death is in the mouth."

Anyway that is why I choose not to give them words to kill our people because that is exactly what they are trying to do albeit subtlely. I am very aware of that but I realize that some people are not ;) That is... I know that our words can be used as weapons... to hurt us... or to help us. Thus... it is very wise to use words very very wisely. Loose lips sink ships. Anyway my Chinese eyes are watching them.

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