For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

On my Hawaiian uncles who served the United States

Looking at this... I think that I was a bit harsh LOL:

"I have three uncles who proudly served in the armed forces:

Paul ________ - Vietnam

John _______ - Korean Conflict [edited for graphic nature]

Wallace ________ - Vietnam

Respect? Yeah... have some respect for the Kingdom of Hawaii for my uncles who proudly served in the armed forces on behalf of the United States.

Then again did anti-Hawaiian Ken Conklin serve in the armed forces? Thurston Twigg Smith? Jere Krischel?

Let me guess.... I bet it's a NO LOL

On the other hand, Keanu Sai has.

Many many other Hawaiians have fought for the United States too.

So before typing [censored]... PLEASE think before typing and before lecturing me about this country (U.S.) and/or about respect."

Tags: hawaiians in the armed forces, jere krischel, ken conklin, kenneth conklin, my uncles who served the u.s., thurston twigg smith

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