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I received an email about the immigration or rather HYPER-immigration of humans to the island of Molokai. Here is his manao about this article

"Ok, as I am reading this particular article which I just sent you, it made me laugh. Zhantell Dudoit said that she wanted that area to be developed in the hopes of raising the population in Maunaloa for the purpose of getting better service from ermgency vehicles & public works dept. She said, “A lot of people die in transit coming back from up there”. Ok, this reminds me of people w/ cell phones or who are spoiled w/ modern conveniences. Isn’t this stupid and selfish?

I mean… maybe if they dey no EAT LIKE A PIG…maybe dying in “transit” wouldn’t be such a problem. And I never heard of people really dying in transit. So she’s exaggerating! Maybe it could’ve happened to TWO people or something. Lol

Then they talked about the Kaluakoi hotel being converted into Kamehameha school for students who don’t pass the entrance exams. Huh? So what…is that or isn’t not a Kamehameha School then? LOL But my blood boil as I read about Colette Machado saying that the price is worth. Geez she’s not going to be alive that much longer, why should she care? She wants to be known as the
head trustee or whatever for Molokai. Greedy!

She goes on to say that the plan that they have is as good as it gets. FUCK that! It’s like Trump buying a lot of land in the islands and everyone protests but he can legally do it. Oh, but what if he offers in return…hmm, 10 miles on each island STRICTLY for Hawaiians to do whatever they want with it. That’s Colette saying ‘that’s the best they can get” Fuck that shit!

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