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We never claimed that Kamehameha and the Kingdom of Hawaii were perfect.

Here is another that I am reposting here for those who are interested. In it someone had mentioned how Kamehameha did not introduce some things to our nation. His/her mana o is first... followed by mine:

Other Person: "King Kamehameha united the islands. and still, he didn't destroy the land, bring alcohol, drugs, extreme poverty, homelessness, rascism, pollution, and all those other great products of western civilization. It was an internal conflict that was settled. He didn't believe that he was entitled to ruling the whole land because the savages currently in control were lost, and needed to be brought into civilization, like those who came after him. He simply believed in unity."

Me: To clarify... Kamehameha was not perfect. Neither is President Bush.

For example, Kamehameha used firearms to win the crown so to speak. Does that make him evil? Well President Bush and American taxpayers use some weapons to kill innocent people. Does that make us evil?

My point being that Kamehameha was human just like others. He is no different. However the difference is the inter-national conflict between the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States which is the source of many problems for Americans and Hawaiians (by nationality) alike. It affects all of us but were our ancestors perfect? No. Was our nation perfect? No. But we never claimed that it was.

In addition I suggest these books to read since it's essential to read a variety of sources before developing a conclusion or conclusions. I myself am still reading and learning but these are a few that have important information... in no particular order:

"Shoal of Time a History of the Hawaiian Islands" by Gavan Daws

"Ancient History of the Hawaiian People to the Times of Kamehameha I"
by Abraham Fornander

"Then There Were None" by Martha H. Noyes

"Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen"
by Liliuokalani

"Dismembering Lahui: A History of the Hawaiian Nation to 1887"

by Jon Kamakawiwoole Osorio"

In any case there is SO much to read about history whether it be American history, European history, Asian history, and Hawaiian history. The list goes on of course so my list is not limited to these books. There are PLENTY more and different media too LOL

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