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Tolerance for diversity... including for diversity of opinions

I read this after someone else pointed it out to me. In it I was pleasantly surprised to read a male state his mana o. Gotta love some Hawaiian men who protect our nation, our people, our iwi, our children, our language. The list goes on and no ONE person can do it all. That is what I like about his mana o below because he is tolerant and makes suggestions. He does not just berate others like how some people do who shall remain nameless LOL Anyway here is an excerpt that is well said. Emphases in bold.... mine:

"to accomplish what i've heard us say is needed we need to kulia i ka nu'u... turn to our ancestors and holomua. just pointing fingers and BLAMING will not help nor will it futher our efforts to make it better. education is the key and if we are too ha'aheo to actually do this than we deserve nothing better than what others perceive us to be. i would rather change the perception instead of expect it to change itself. we are talking about hundreds of years of misinformation here... the only way to correct that is by STANDING up and CORRECTING it with aloha (not forgiveness) and ACTION.

it has nothing to do with knowing a person... you could write a letter to the editor for example. there are many ways. if one has knowledge above misinformation it is USELESS if not made known. that is a lesson still to be learned by many kanakaiwi. keeping secrets from others leads to keeping secrets from ourselves and sooner or later we will not know these mea hawai'i and neither will our children. then what? expect some more? we can only get out of this world what we put in it... that is a value our kupuna and culture have held strong from the beginning of time. mana. word, sound, and power are one. verbalize. word is creation. the power of THAT is 'ike."

Tags: americans, civil rights, civil rights of americans, civil rights of hawaiians, hawaiians

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