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More on Jere Krischel

Instead of responding to Jere Krischel I talk about him in the third person LOL But his ideology is annoying and his racism against Hawaiians... well it is the reason why I do not communicate with him. This is not news to those who know me. In fact they know that I don't/won't communicate with people who are racist against Hawaiians. In fact I do not even communicate with my cousin anti-Hawaiian Paul DeSilva who is a retired federal judge. In any case he (Jere Krischel) keeps making statements about the Hawaiian language pretending to be a Hawaiian language expert when he does not even understand nor speak the Hawaiian language.

A good example is how he asked me if I speak or understand olelo. Olelo what? Olelo Oiwi? Olelo Haole? What? That is how I could tell that he doesn't understand our language yet he makes it seem as though he does and that he is an expert in it.

So as usual I talk about him in the third person due to his high Racist Against Hawaiians Factor. However I still posted links so that he and others like him can learn our language because they make themselves look Lo Lo without knowing our language while inaccurately claiming to understand our language. This is what I wrote directed towards him (Jere Krischel)... in the third person:

"For the Lo Lo and/or Lazy... here are some links for Hawaiian language books that are relatively inexpensive:

"Ka Lei Ha'Aheo: Beginning Hawaiian" by Alberta Pualani Hopkins:

"Let's Speak Hawaiian" by Dorothy M. Kahananui:

And again the FREE lessons available to ALL irrelevant of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation etc courtesy of the Kamehameha Schools here:"

Or like my maternal grandmother used to say... A PAU! *L*

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