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He maneo: Haole Men and Hawaiian Men

I cannot stop laughing because I wrote this about Haole Men and Hawaiian Men in relation to the debate between Haole Men and Hawaiian Men as it pertains to the U.S. and the Nation of Hawaii. Well anyone who knows me knows that ALL of the men I have been with have been HAOLE. One was a VERY hot and sexy HAWAIIAN male and of course Haole Men AND Hawaiian Men are very sexy to me... so of course I posted this in defense of Haole Men and Hawaiian Men because some Haole Men fight with some Hawaiian men... and it makes me laugh that I explicitly state that they are ALL hot and sexy but it's true *L* Anyway this is what I wrote:

"I LOVE HAOLE MEN and my HUSBAND is a HAOLE MAN with BLONDE hair and BLUE eyes. Hawaiian men are hot and sexy too so be FAIR and BALANCED to both. As well as fair and balanced when it comes to BOTH nations.

I also happen to be a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN as well as a member of the NRA. Do NOT assume, Ignorant American "Harry," and stop making [sic] other Haole men look bad. I love Haole men. Especially how hot and sexy they are so don't make the other Haole men look bad."

I can understand why some Haole Men and why some Hawaiian Men act the way that they do but it's very simple. Hawaii is not only a state of the union. It is ALSO a nation that is separate and distinct from the state of Hawaii:

Unfortunately some people cannot possibly imagine it but the way that I see it... it's the best of both worlds... with Haole Men AND Hawaiian Men. That is why I like both and it epitomizes how I could NEVER reject my American citizenship nor could I ever reject my citizenship with the Kingdom of Hawaii because it's the best of both worlds.

I also appreciate the hotness and sexiness of Haole Men AND of Hawaiian Men. I like both and it makes me laugh because it's easy for me to maintain dual citizenships just as it is easy for me to admire and appreciate Haole Men AND Hawaiian Men. It's not complicated at all but with men... they tend to want to fight each other irrelevant of ethnicity lol Anyway it amuses me but I like Haole Men AND Hawaiian Men. Worse... I just HAD to mention it LOL But it's true :-)

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