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For my family and friends ™


I deleted the information that I posted mainly because it has my name in it LOL I do not like any recognition. All I can state is that my attorney RF is preparing papers to file suit against the holding company of Wikipedia, the Wikipedia Foundation. It's the same thing as the NAACP and/or the Anti-Semitism League would do. The only difference is that now Hawaiians are suing as we should be since some people no respect us. We have no choice BUT to sue.

Then again people who know me know that I didn't listen to one of the guidance counselors at Kamehameha Schools who told me that it could not be done. That is... that I could NOT attend the University of Washington... which happens to be a first tier public school... because my family was too poor. Well... I found a way. Same thing. I was determined to attend that school because to ME it is the most respectful school of indigenous people... of all schools in the states. That is why I wanted to attend THAT school.

Anyway I don't listen to people when they tell me that it can't be done nor do I listen to what they think that I should do. I find ways and am very determined.

This of course is one of two minor lawsuits. The major one involves ________ and _________________.

Ola na iwi.


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