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Vandalism of our religion in the islands

First... My Theory:

This (vandalism which is described below) could be planted to strong arm us to support the Akaka Bill. You know... scare Hawaiians to turn to the state and/or federal government to protect us which they should have been doing all along. My theory is that it is done purposefully then reported purposefully to condition us to think that we need protection in the form of the Akaka Bill.

Other wise knows as "mind games."

I really don't think it's individuals. It's on the government basis (state and/or federal) because we are talking about millions if not billions of dollars. I really doubt it's Haole people nor do I think it's Hawaiians. All of the other Hawaiians whom I know would not dare do that cuz they know that KU going come after them. It's all about the money... as usual. Source: the government and some of the reps.

They like it when Hawaiians fight with Haole-s and vice versa when we really are not each others' enemies so it doesn't surprise me that the attack is on our religion. Gets us Hawaiians to be emotional then direct our emotions to ALL Hawaiians and to ALL Haole-s instead of direct it to the government.

It's the government (state and/or federal) and people like Akaka who will make millions scaring Hawaiians into accepting the Akaka Bill when the Akaka Bill not going do anything for us.

The Story as Reported by the Local Media:

This 2002 photo shows the Hawaiian altar at the summit of Mauna Kea, which holds the personal effects of two Hawaii soldiers killed in Iraq. The altar was desecrated Tuesday.

Vandals strike Hawaiian altar at Mauna Kea summit

The memorial held items of 2 soldiers from Hawaii who were killed in Iraq


More of my Theory:

We are talking about millions if not BILLIONS of dollars so it would not surprise me if the state and/or federal government desecrated our religion to get us Hawaiians to be emotional then to support the Akaka Bill so that our religion is "protected." The Akaka Bill will not do anything for us... but the government will do anything to strong-arm us into supporting the Akaka Bill.

The way that I see it... the U.S. sent boys (17 and 18 year olds) to Vietnam to die. It is capable of ANYTHING and right now Senator Akaka is up for re-election. They will not let him be voted out because without his face and name to the bill... they stand to lose millions if not billions so they will do anything and everything to get us to support the Akaka Bill.

I do not blame Haole-s. It's our government (state and federal, U.S.) That is who is responsible.

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