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This was another response to "Tom" who is a Haole man with a superiority complex looking down on Hawaiians. We call this "High Makamaka" as in one's eyes looking DOWN on others. In this case... looking down on Hawaiians. He also bashed Hui Malama I Na Kupuna and Edward Halealoha Ayau who was jailed for not returning stolen items that was initially stolen by David Forbes. Unfortunately since we Hawaiian... people like "Tom" look down on us but these artifacts WERE stolen. In addition he told me that I hate him. I cannot and do not hate someone who I do not even know. Note that "Haole" can mean "American, British, European." From the perspective of our kupuna... Jewish people are not included in the word "Haole" only because they did not compose the missionaries who tried to control the natives whom they viewed as heathens. There is a specific word or words in the Hawaiian language that can mean "Jew" or "Jewish." The words are "kiu" and "iukaio" which is significantly different from "Haole" which can mean "American, European, and/or British"... who were missionaries to the islands. Anyway here is my response to the High Makamaka "Tom":

"I do not hate anyone whom I do not know. All of the men in my life have been HAOLE so obviously I do not appreciate it when a Haole man makes other Haole men look bad. My grand uncles as well as uncles have served in the military as well. I do not appreciate it when people violate the very foundation that this country (the U.S.) is built upon. This includes the bashing of Hawaiians who speak up.

I would not care if you are Purple, Blue, Green, or Yellow. When anyone bashes Hawaiian history they are bashing the people who comprise its history. I know that for some people especially the ignorant people they do not see this but this miscommunication is how Hawaiians react to these actions. They do not appreciate being bashed. Period. Neither would the Chinese, Japanese, Jews, or Popolos.

I KNOW that you are a Haole man. Why? Because people who are Haole have that Haole mentality. That is how I can tell that you are a HAOLE man.

As far as race-based programs... the toppling over of our nation WAS race-based. That is... they attacked the Hawaiian PEOPLE and by doing that they attacked the iwi or "bones" so obviously the solution WILL involve the iwi. This iwi is in Hawaiians.

Also it is NOT our fault that what happened to us happened to us. IF we had a choice we would never ever want to be put in this predicament but it was NOT our choice. It was forced onto us.

Even the Admissions Act was forced onto us against our consent. There was NO mutuality but as usual... some people like YOU make the innocent pay for what the guilty have done. We were NOT the ones who did what they did. It's as simple as that.

In addition "blood quantum" is a Haole mentality. That is also how I can tell that you are most probably a Haole man... because you have that Haole mentality of "Blood quantum." Only Haole people think this way but with Hawaiians there is no such thing as blood quantum. Just like with the Jews... a child of a Jewish mother is seen as a Jew. S/he is NOT viewed as a percentage of a Jew. Similarly with Hawaiians... we are Hawaiian because we have the iwi.

It is the iwi that is bashed when people like you bash Hawaiian history because the history is PART of OUR people. If you do not understand that then FINE but do not DARE disrespect that or else wicked wahine WILL come out which is universal. Women WILL protect the young. Hawaiians are no different.

Also Edward Halealoha Ayau of Hui Malama I Na Kupuna is NOT a thief. Ayau is only trying to return the items that were stolen by
David Forbes [sic] who IS the thief: (courtesy of K. Kikiloi)

CEO of Bishop Museum Bill Brown is in possession of stolen goods so it is VERY pono for Eddie Ayau to try to retrieve these stolen items. In fact it happens civilly after filing a police report. What do THEY do? Retrive the stolen property. The only reason why you mistakenly think that he is a thief is because he is HAWAIIAN but if he was Jewish people would NOT accuse him of being a thief. It's as simple as THAT.

Understand that Kamehameha created the nation of Hawaii near 1820 whether you like it or not. It's also irrelevant if the U.S. officially recognizes it or not. It still exists.

Also despite the propaganda and inaccuracies that are spread in the local papers... many Hawaiians are proud to be Americans too. Do NOT believe everything that is printed in the local papers nor the soundbites that the local media chooses to show about Hawaiians. That is FAR from accurate.

In any case Hawaiians have been loving others for centuries. That is why MOST of us are of mixed ethnicities so this "love each other" is just crap. We ALREADY do that but what do some people do? Attack our history, our culture, our language, our aina, our CHILDREN, and our people yet expect us to take it. Newsflash: Human beans WILL fight back. Hawaiians are no different but there is a Double Standard where non-Hawaiians can fight for their rights but when Hawaiians do they are inaccurately described as "crazy" or usually as a "militant." No... it's called HAVING AN OPINION. People need to get used to it but if they do not... Hawaiians still not going listen. They will continue doing what they do. If you don't like it then I suggest that you move aside because Hawaiians will NOT stop. Captain James Cook is proof of that so it's best to move aside. THAT is part of our history and thus a part of our PEOPLE as well."

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