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Another example of the Ignorant and Disrespectful American: Ruth Dias Willenborg

Fortunately there are compassionate Americans who understand that the United States invaded Hawaii just as it is doing with Iraq. Invading it and trying to conquer it. In this example which was printed in the local paper Ruth Dias Willenborg proceeds to be the epitome of the Ignorant and Disrespectful American.


1. While exercising her freedom of speech defending the Navy she ends her letter to the editor bashing Kamehameha Schools when Kamehameha Schools was in existence prior to illegal statehood. In fact it began in 1887 which was approximately 72 years before Hawaii became a state which happened in 1959. We Hawaiians also have a right to self-representation.

2. She mistakenly thinks that the Navy is going to protect us. Talk about naive. In fact discarded chemical munitions were found by the Army which is another branch of the armed forces near Schofield Barracks which could have endangered people's lives:

"Discarded chemical munitions, many of them from the World War I and II eras, continue to be unearthed at Schofield Barracks as the Wahiawa military installation undergoes a billion-dollar renovation.

In the last 10 months, Army contractors have found at least 152 unexploded ordnance, some of which contained chemical agents.

The Army, in a written release yesterday, said 137 munitions were discovered several months ago while contractors were clearing a firing range. After Army experts determined that they were safe to be moved, the munitions were taken to an undisclosed secured storage at Schofield Barracks."


3. Most Hawaiians are of MIXED ethnicities. Our Hawaiian ancestors spread their legs to non-Hawaiians. In fact they still do to this day. Seriously. She really should think before she writes because she makes other Americans look bad not to mention stupid and/or feebly minded.

4. Last but not least there are other private schools in Hawaii that accept students based on their gender. For example my paternal grandmother's alumna mater, Saint Andrews Priory, only accepts girls: and

From their website:

"Except for the Priory Day School, which is open only to female students, St. Andrew’s Priory School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, nationality or ethnic origin, gender, age, physical disabilities, or sexual orientation in its admissions policies, school programs, or employment practices."

It's a sexist school. Sexist against the male gender... but you don't hear Hawaiians bitch that their son, grandson, and/or nephew cannot study there. No. They respect the fact that it is an all-girls PRIVATE school.

Similarly Kamehameha Schools is a PRIVATE school for native americans called Oiwi or in English "Hawaiians." Unfortunately some people like her will bitch about an all-Hawaiian school yet not bitch about an all-girls school which is sexist. No double standards, Miss Lolo, Ignorant, and Disrespectful. Then again people like her are racist against Hawaiians. That is why she felt compelled to mention Kamehameha Schools when it has NOTHING to do with the Navy just so that she could bash Hawaiians. To me this also epitomizes racism against Hawaiians which I do not appreciate since I AM Hawaiian.

Anyway this is what Miss Lolo, Ignorant, and Disrespectful wrote:

Don't fear the Navy or its research

The article about the objections of University of Hawaii professors to the proposed University Affiliated Research Center does not tell me what their objections really are (Star-Bulletin, Feb. 13).

If the university can allow a coach to change the name of "our team" from the Rainbows to the Warriors and put them in uniforms that make them look like hostile invaders, we should not be shocked at some professors' silly, petty objections to UARC. Educated minds should be more open minded about what a UARC presence will do both in research and monetarily for the university and all residents of Hawaii.

The Navy presence in the Pacific is, and will continue to be, enormous as the biggest command of our military. The Department of Defense and those serving the Navy should not be feared. Their job is to protect us. Research is part of that protection. So, what is this fear? How can we let this huge resource with the future monetary gain and new job or careers for all be excluded? The school's motto, "Hawaiian Place of Learning," does not mean to exclude, or it would be like Kamehameha Schools and require blood lines for entrance!

Ruth Dias Willenborg

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