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Pictures of Hawaiian food

Many people have asked me how the hell does Hawaiian food look? Well it's very difficult to buy Hawaiian food in the islands since many fish markets like Bob's Fish Market have closed which makes me upset. Anyway for those who have asked me repeatedly for the pics and/or for more pics... here they are.

First... one of my favorite foods, poi:

Picture 1: Poi

Picture 2: Ake (one of my favorite foods)

Picture 3: FOOD lol

In the back: Tako poke, limu poke
In the front: Poi

Picture 4: Opihi on the top... raw crab on the bottom

Picture 5: Opihi

Picture 6: Limu poke

Picture 7: More

Counter-clockwise from top left: Limu poke, dried aku, opihi, and tako poke

Picture 8: Tako poke

Tako poke up close

I realize that these foods seem abnormal to some but I would take it any day over a five star restaurant. In fact I have been to very expensive restaurants and did not enjoy the food. I would rather have Hawaiian food... hands down. Just give me poi and aku palu and I'm happy. (I am very easy to please.) Of course other Hawaiians already know about these foods. I am posting these pics for those who have never ever seen Hawaiian food before in their life lol

Anyway this is what I ate in my hotel room while I was in Las Vegas courtesy of my mother. She knows how much I love my Hawaiian food and brought them all the way from Hawaii to Las Vegas which I really appreciate.

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